You will need
  • - ice cube trays;
  • kettle or pan;
  • - the water filter;
  • - food coloring.
Prepare water. Ordinary water from the tap is fine, but it can be either too hard or chlorinated, or have any other shortcomings that prevent the formation of clear ice. Buy bottled water from a reliable manufacturer. She's probably already passed all the necessary procedures, so that it remains just freeze.
However, bottled water quality is not always available. Tap water pour into the kettle. Better if it will be a modern electric because it has not formed the scale. If you only maker that you want to heat on the stove, remove the scum. You can also use a clean pan. Boil water. Remove from the heat and let cool at room temperature.
Bottled water from a reliable manufacturer can not be filtered. With the water it needs to do. The filters are different, in this case, the one that looks like a kettle. Pour the water into a container, let it stand for a bit, then gradually pour into another vessel. The water in this case passes through the membrane filter, which are all unnecessary substances. The filter can be done by. Take a funnel. Put a small piece of gauze to close the spout. Put a piece of cotton wool or filter paper. Pour water into the homemade filter. It'll keep all the excess is no worse than purchase.
Pour the boiled and filtered water in the mold. Put in the freezer. If you need ice color, add some bright food coloring. Color should harmonize with the color of the drink, otherwise all the work goes down the drain. Freezing the ice, serve it along with a drink.