You will need
  • - purified water
  • form or tea bags for making ice
  • - kitchen towel and a hammer ( ice frappe)
  • - juice berries and pieces of fruit (for color)
In fact, ice is a form of water, which she accepts under the influence of negative temperatures. Water from the ordinary water contains many impurities, when it is freezing it is quite muddy ice that ugly look and unpleasant taste. Therefore, following one of the main rules of bartenders, prepare the ice from clean water. Do not have to go to the store for distilled or bottled. You can use the normal, from the system of centralized supply by cleaning it up in stages.
Pass the water through a filter with fibers aqualen and boil in a pot without a scale. The ideal solution would be to give this water to settle. Remaining in her impurity for several hours to precipitate. Carefully pour the water into another bowl. It is now possible to prepare from it the ice for cocktails.
For the preparation of shaped pieces, use a very comfortable silicone molds for ice. They are in a big range sold in hardware stores. Water for making ice in one of these forms needs to be at room temperature. A prerequisite for the manufacture of ice in the open form should be freezing it in individual products. Very good ice absorbs odors from the freezer, so place the ramekins in a designated place in the freezer. If you have a separate place in the freezer to use in this case, tea bags for making ice, which does not absorb odors.
If the cocktail recipe involves the use of colored ice, prepare it with the addition of juices, mint leaves or berries. Berries and leaves are inside the piece of ice, freeze in layers: liquid pour one third into the form, allow to freeze, then put mint leaves, pieces of fruit or berries and pour the remaining liquid. Colorful ice prepare using layer-by-layer freezing.
Some cocktails require according to the recipe using a small ice chips frappe. For cooking in bars, the ice is crushed in a special reserach. At home you can cook without the use of special equipment. Place frozen ice cubes on half of a clean cotton towel and cover the second half. Take a meat mallet and blunt break up pieces of ice in a towel. After that, pour the crumbs of ice in a container, cover and place it in the freezer. Put the crumbs into a glass before making the cocktail.