Frozen green tea can be used to care for any type of skin, including skin around eyes. This cosmetic product has a rich structure: here there are the tannins, polyphenols, vitamins P, C, e, essential oils, amino acids, proteins, teaflavin and other valuable substances. Due to such structure of the frozen green tea is used as a rejuvenating, revitalizing, refreshing, anti-inflammatory and brightening tools. Besides this cosmetic product helps with puffiness under the eyes and gives the skin a beautiful color. In addition, cubes of green tea to soothe irritated skin.

How to make cosmetic ice green tea

To achieve glowing skin and to get rid of bruises under the eyes will help of cosmetic ice, made by the following recipe:
- 5 g of dry inflorescences of chamomile;
- 5 g dried St. John's wort;
- 200 ml of snow or distilled water;
- 1 tsp of black tea;
- 0.5 tsp. of green tea.
Tea pour boiling water, then into the drink add the herbal mix and insist in a thermos for 47-55 minutes. Then infusion of strain, cool and freeze. Ready to cosmetic ice should be stored in a refrigerator for no longer than 5 days.

If you want you can cook beauty of ice and in another recipe:
- 300-350 ml of mineral or melt water;
- 1 tbsp of rose hips;
- 2 tsp of green tea;
- 0.5 tsp. of lemon balm;
- 0.5 tsp. mint.
Chopped rose hips pour 150-170 ml of boiling water and pour the mixture into the thermos. After 11-12 hours, the infusion is filtered. Herbal and tea is filled with 150-180 ml of boiling water and insist 1-1,5 hours, and then filtered. Then the extracts were mixed and the resulting drink is frozen. The ice stored in the refrigerator more than 4 days.

Features of use of cosmetic ice green tea

Upon contact of frozen green tea face skin in any case should not be supercooled. The procedure is as follows: cosmetic ice is carried out along the massage lines of the face, and then give the skin to dry naturally and cover it with a nourishing cream. Typically, this process can take 3-5 minutes, but contact individual points of the skin with an ice cube should last no longer than 5 seconds.

Ice therapy is contraindicated in thyroid disease, the presence of the skin spider veins, colds, etc. in addition, it is not necessary to wipe the face of frozen green tea in winter, directly before the exit to the street (preferably this procedure is performed for an hour before going).