You will need
  • - water tank; - freezer.
Giving preference to one or another method of water purification, keep in mind that raw water is significantly richer in composition and useful for human health. "Dead" water becomes after boiling, because it dying and changing all the mineral trace elements. Therefore, for making this wonderful tool using the raw or filtered water.
Method of water purification by freezing is based on the following law of nature: the speed of freezing of the liquid with impurities and pure water differ. Has long been by numerous experiments established that the process of transition of water into ice in it retained impurities and at the beginning and at the end of freezing.
Pour the water into a container and place in freezer. It is advisable not to use plastic bottles, because the narrow neck will allow you to remove the first pieces of ice with a high content of deuterium. When the water begins to freeze, remove the crust of ice (about 10%) and again send the water to the freezer.
Leave it to zaledeneli the main mass. If you have time, drain the last is not turned into ice water (about 20%). In any case, rinse with plenty of ice cold water from the tap until the piece will not be totally transparent. "Dirty" ice surface can be gray, whitish. But if the "dirty" ice to collect and let it melt on the water you will see a film of fat. To use it is dangerous.
Drown the ice at room temperature. Melt water can be drunk immediately after thawing, do not need to boil, it is ready for use. For health beneficial to use "live" water on an empty stomach or 20 minutes before a meal.