You will need
  • - brine;
  • - glass jar or plastic container;
  • Sol;
  • - sugar;
  • cloth;
  • - foil.
The better the cheese the better it is stored. It is important that it did not allocate a large amount of moisture. Packaging should not be swollen, it is invalid sticky crumbs. If the cheese is beginning to crumble or dry out at the edges, it means that the cheese made for a long time, that is, the shelf life of the product ends, and he managed to lose a part of useful substances.
Better to buy cheese in the bag with brine in which she "matured". It is an additional way of protection from premature damage. In this case, the cheese brine in a tightly closed glass jar can remain edible for a couple of weeks. If it is not possible to buy cheese in the "original" serum fluid prepare for storage of the cheese salted water or sprinkle with cheese salt.
You can put the cheese in the vacuum plastic container. You can also use any deep dishes, if the cheese is wrapped in a wet cloth or aluminum foil. You can also put cheese next to sugar.
Before you slice the cheese for a few minutes, dip the knife in hot water. So the cheese won't crumble and will remain better.
Very salty cheese before serving is to pour boiling water or to hold a few hours in boiled water or milk.