Advice 1: How to make cheese at home

Cheese - a soft salty cheese. It goes perfectly with light vegetable salads. A piece of cheese on a sandwich is good in a Cup of coffee. Real pickled cheese made from sheep's milk, but at home you can make a tasty product and made from cow's milk.
How to make cheese at home
You will need
    • The manufacture of white cheese using vinegar.
    • cow milk-3 liters
    • vinegar 4 tbsp.
    • gauze
    • oppression
    • salt
    • Homemade cheese
    • milk 2 l
    • sour cream 400 g
    • 6 eggs
    • 3 tbsp salt
The manufacture of white cheese using vinegar.

Boil in a saucepan the milk. In boiling milk add vinegar one spoon. Constantly stir. Once the milk fold, turn off the heat. In a colander place cheesecloth folded so that its ends hanging. Carefully pour the contents of the pan.
Wet curds will remain on the gauze, and the serum will leak into the pan. Tie the ends of the cheesecloth and hang the cheese over a saucepan for a few hours. When the whey will cease to ooze, put the cheese clot in the gauze under pressure to further seal the structure. Soak another 2 hours.
Make a brine. In a large saucepan, mix the separated serum from under the cottage cheese with cold boiled water. Dissolve a handful of salt. Taste, the solution should not be too salty. Dip thick cheese bar in salt water for a day. Periodically turn it over so it is evenly soaked. Try the resulting cheese. Note how the amount of salt to your taste.
Homemade cheese

Put the milk to boil. Mix with a mixer the eggs with the sour cream. Pour the mixture into the boiling milk. Add salt. Make a small fire and constantly stir, otherwise it will burn. After five minutes, the milk will completely curdle in large flakes. Pour the resulting mass in cheesecloth in a colander and leave to drain for a few hours. When all the whey has drained, tie the cheesecloth tightly. Put the cheese on a plate, top with select hardwood cutting Board, which put a pot of water. Hold the cheese in this condition night.
Useful advice
Cheese house made using powder pepsin is a gastric enzyme in mammals, which is sold in pharmacies.

Advice 2 : How to store cheese

Useful in cheese contains high amounts of protein and salt. 100 grams of this product per day provides the daily requirement for calcium. Cheese should be eaten in moderation and carefully stored.
How to store cheese
You will need
  • - brine;
  • - glass jar or plastic container;
  • Sol;
  • - sugar;
  • cloth;
  • - foil.
The better the cheese the better it is stored. It is important that it did not allocate a large amount of moisture. Packaging should not be swollen, it is invalid sticky crumbs. If the cheese is beginning to crumble or dry out at the edges, it means that the cheese made for a long time, that is, the shelf life of the product ends, and he managed to lose a part of useful substances.
Better to buy cheese in the bag with brine in which she "matured". It is an additional way of protection from premature damage. In this case, the cheese brine in a tightly closed glass jar can remain edible for a couple of weeks. If it is not possible to buy cheese in the "original" serum fluid prepare for storage of the cheese salted water or sprinkle with cheese salt.
You can put the cheese in the vacuum plastic container. You can also use any deep dishes, if the cheese is wrapped in a wet cloth or aluminum foil. You can also put cheese next to sugar.
Before you slice the cheese for a few minutes, dip the knife in hot water. So the cheese won't crumble and will remain better.
Very salty cheese before serving is to pour boiling water or to hold a few hours in boiled water or milk.
Quality cheese - white or pale yellow, firm, slightly brittle and soft, very porous in the context of (a lot of small holes in the form of a pattern of irregular shape). Mass fraction of fat in dry matter shall be not less than 40%. This cheese is crumbly, resembling cottage cheese. However, the quality of the cheese does not break up the lumps.
Useful advice
Even when properly stored in the fridge, the cheese will stay fresh in average of five days. Therefore it is not necessary to buy a large piece of cheese varieties such.
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