Advice 1: How to store salted trout

In Central Russia, the red fish happens in sales is usually salted, and frozen, or so-called chilled, ie sold in thawed on crushed ice in large supermarkets. The difference in price between the raw fish and salt and the process of salting, meanwhile, is very simple and inexpensive. So why not do it ourselves.
How to store salted trout
You will need
  • - one fish entirely;
  • large salt at the rate of 2-3 tablespoons to 1 kg of fish;
  • - sugar in the same amount as salt;
  • - spices to taste.
Have the fish filleted, remove the backbone and rib bones, skin leave. From one fish you'll get two fillets.
Stir in the dry dish salt and sugar, add pepper coarse ground. Grab a towel of sufficient size, pour some of the cooked mixture on the towel, put the fish fillets skin-side down. Liberally sprinkle the fish with salt mixture, place on top of Bay leaf, or other favorite spices. Well suited fresh dill. Cover with the second fillet skin up. On top pour the rest of the mixture.
Tight wrap a towel and leave on the kitchen table for a few hours, and then in the fridge. What is good trout and other salmon – that is, they can be even in raw. So in a day it is already possible to use the fish as food. Besides, you should not be afraid to overdo it, the fish will absorb as much as you need for the weak Ambassador.
The next day remove the fish from the fridge, unpack and clean off with a knife the excess salt. Damp places can be wet cloth. You have had a wonderful salted trout. You can decorate it with a festive table or indulging yourself at least every day. Just remember that kept the fish longer, and salted trout may remain in the refrigerator for no more than a week.
To keep salt trout for a longer time, use a few tips:- periodically check to see if a surface fish is a sticky white film: this is the first sign that a fish begins to deteriorate;- the maximum limit on the access of light and air from contact with the oxygen tissue pale and fat is oxidized, an unpleasant taste; pour it over the fish slices vegetable refined oil so that they are fully covered. It is a way to limit contact with air;- part of the fish you want to keep for a longer time, cut the maximum dry and wrap each piece in parchment, then in a clean cloth, put everything in a plastic bag and put in the freezer. In this form, the trout will remain for up to two months.
Defrosted salted trout only once. Therefore, freeze the pieces that you will be able to eat for a week.
Useful advice
Defrost salty trout on the shelf of the fridge, it will thaw more evenly. In addition, slightly thawed fish will be easier to cut into thin slices.

Advice 2: How long can you keep frozen fish

Fish is an obligatory component of the balanced diet, natural protein source first category, vitamins, essential amino acids, trace elements. Even if completely excluded from the diet meat, eating fish may be able to replace their nutritional value. For easy transportation the fish are frozen and sold in this form, but shelf life is limited.
How long can you keep frozen fish

The freezing of fish as a way of preserving

To deliver fresh fish to the Russian shops, it has to be frozen and transported in special refrigerated trucks. This method of preservation is almost does not affect the quality of fish, provided that the technology of freezing is observed, as well as the technology of its storage. In industrial freezing of fish used the quick method when it is cooled to very low temperatures within cryohydrate point of a solution of salts and nitrogenous substances contained in its tissues. With this method do not violate the structure of its tissues, and sharply slow down the processes of vital activity of microorganisms and tissue enzymes and oxidative breakdown of fats contained in fish.

In shops the fish is also stored in specially equipped premises, conditions which allow to guarantee the original quality of this whimsical production. Buying frozen fish at the store, you can continue to store it at home, but you must understand that household refrigerator and freezer will not be able to provide those conditions which are created using special industrial equipment.
To defrost the fish you want, put it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator. If you defrost it at room temperature, cook it immediately after the process ended.

How long can you keep frozen fish

Frozen now implements almost all kinds of fish, so you can always buy it for a particular dish which will be eaten after some time. Shelf life and storage of frozen fish at home depend on the type of fish and temperature, which ensures the freezer and method of freezing. So, the glazed fish are stored on average a month longer than fish, frozen naturally, and freshwater fish can be stored longer than the sea.
It is impossible to defrost the fish in the water, especially in flowing, you will lose many of its nutritional properties.

But the product has retained its freshness, keep frozen fish in the freezer more than six months, and when it is a fatty fish, its shelf life is reduced by half, if you don't want to eat food from it with a strong fishy. Fish during storage must be tightly Packed in a plastic bag or wrapped in cling film to exclude access of air to the body. And remember that the second time the fish you have thawed, place them in the freezer is impossible.

Advice 3: How to store salted salmon

Salmoncalled the Atlantic salmon, this is a pretty big fish, but its cheaper just to buy the whole carcass. Therefore, the question of how to store fresh or salted salmon, of interest to many. At home you will be able to preserve all the valuable nutritional properties of fresh-salted salmon using the features of your refrigerator.
How to store salted salmon

Especially cooking salmon

Fresh salmon is a real treasure the most valuable substances which is able to ensure the full functioning of the human body. But since fish is a perishable product, the question of how to ensure its proper storage and the maximum to preserve all the nutrients contained in it, is very important.

Salmon, purchased chilled, it is possible to pickle and podkoptit cold way, because that is how you can keep all of these substances, which are lost during the heat treatment and even when improper thawing of fish. Salted salmon is cooked fairly quickly acquiring a distinctive delicate taste and aroma.
If you regularly include in your diet salty salmon, improved vision and brain function, reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and improve the condition of hair, nails and skin.

How to preserve salted salmon in the fridge

Ready salted salmon can be stored in the clear in the refrigerator for a very long time – 7-10 days. To keep it tasty, wrap the salted fish in a piece of wet cloth dipped in a weak solution of vinegar, and put it in a plastic bag, which must be tightly closed, so it did not penetrate the air, and the fish are not soaked extraneous smells.

You can also slice salted salmon in small pieces and fold it up tightly tamping in glass jars. Salmon can pour pieces of Bay leaf, sprigs of dill and freshly ground black pepper. Pour on top of the fish, a little olive oil and a well, close the jar tight fitting lid. As such, the salmon will last 25-30 days without loss of taste and quality. But when you want to store it for a few months, you'll need a freezer.
The traditional way of storing salmon used in the North: every piece of salted fish cut in half and between the halves is laid a piece of butter.

How to preserve salted salmon in the freezer

For freezing in the freezer or the freezer of the refrigerator is best, if the pieces of salmon are quite large. Do not clean them from the spice if you sprinkle the fish with them for pickling, but lightly Pat the pieces with paper kitchen towels, so they were not wet. Each piece tightly wrap with cling film, trying not to leave air bubbles. After that, the pieces can be folded up in a plastic bag and tightly close it. If possible, use a mode of freezing. As such, the salmon can be stored for 6 months, but try to eat it early because then it becomes dry and loses its specific flavor.

Advice 4: How to store salted mushrooms

Salting mushrooms is a unique Russian method blanks. The rest of the world mushrooms were dried, pickled, frozen, and only in Russia – salted. This method is relevant now, the mushrooms are strong and tasty. They are good as an appetizer, an ingredient in salads. If you salt the mushrooms properly prepare, they can be put in soups, various stews, fillings for cakes and pies.
How to store salted mushrooms
Salted mushrooms in tubs, barrels, glass jars and enameled buckets or pots. To salt the mushrooms were stored for a long time, first and foremost, you need to take care of the clean dishes storage. It is carefully washed, rinsed, sterilized glass jars, and wooden and enamel containers several times scalded with boiling water and dried.
Regardless of the method of salting – and it happens both cold and hot – the mushrooms stored in a dry and cool place at temperature from 5 to 6оС. If your mushrooms in one compact dishes, then this place may well be the vegetable Department of the refrigerator. Otherwise, you will need a cellar. Some store salty mushrooms on the glassed-in balcony, making for this purpose, special insulated boxes.
Closely monitor the temperature, if you store mushrooms in any room. If it is below 5 degrees, the mushrooms can be frozen and, in effect, become brittle, flabby, low-taste. If the temperature rises above 6 degrees, pickles can be sour and become altogether unfit for food.
Every week a bowl of salted mushrooms need to shake or roll to give the brine rinse mushrooms. The brine should cover the mushrooms completely, if it evaporated, it is permissible to add an ordinary boiled cooled water.
If the surface of the brine there was mold in a small amount, it is removed with a slotted spoon. If it appears repeatedly or in large numbers, the brine drained, mushrooms washed with cooled boiled water and pour fresh cold brine.
Useful advice
If you want to cook the savoury mushroom soup, stuffing or any other dish, remove them from the jar, rinse well under running water and boil. Boiled pickled mushrooms can be cooked the same as boiled fresh.

Advice 5: How to choose a trout

Trout in the diet of today's consumers are rarely present because of the high prices. However, this delicious, nutritious, rich in fatty acids, fish is able to stabilize the cholesterol level in blood, improve brain and nervous system, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and be a prevention of cancer. Trout is not only worth the money it will bring incredible pleasure to become a decoration of any table. How to choose the right real trout?
How to choose a trout
Trout belong to the Salmonidae family. This is a very beautiful fish, she has brown back, Golden sides and abdomen Golden. Body trout long, and the fins are colored specks. Trout on the mind is divided into marine, freshwater, rainbow and brook trout. Sea trout are often the biggest and the smallest fish - stream, it only grows up to half a meter. By the way, char is the most tasty and useful, because it is found only in clear mountain streams. However, the stores can be found and rainbow trout, because, due to its ability to grow rapidly, it is bred on fish farms.
To make the fish presentable appearance and increase in weight of farmed trout feed added growth hormones, antibiotics and even colorants (canthaxanthin is a food additive that partially banned in Europe). Doctors do not recommend to cook farmed trout more often than once a month. To distinguish natural trout can only be a more pale color of the meat. In addition, the trout weighing 6 kg and over are also likely to be grown in an artificial reservoir. The average size of fish delivered from the fish farms - 3-4 kg, but there are instances and 7-10 kg.
Trout you can buy both fresh and frozen, whole or in steaks. Usually the most budget - gutted fresh fish of medium size (1.5 to 2 kg).
Trout , frozen, fresh, or salted, and smoked, most often sold in a vacuum pack. Of course, vacuum packaging increases the shelf life of the fish, prevents the access of air, bacteria and germs, retains the properties of the product and nutritional value. However, the shelf life of fish in a package must not exceed 1 month if it is fresh, 2 months – if it's smoked, and 6 months if frozen. To store trout (and other fish) in vacuum pack out of the refrigerator is not allowed.
Consider carefully the packaging. Integrity should not be compromised, it should not be juice and air bubbles, the film is pressed firmly against trout. Implementation period makes its way directly into the film. If the label is missing or there is a sticker with an expiration date, refrain from such a purchase.
Special attention should be paid to appearance of the trout: eyes convex, black pupil and glass, not cloudy cornea, scales – shiny. Whitish bloom or mucus on the surface of the fish will indicate the staleness of the product. Fish in vacuum packaging with the expired period of implementation can cause severe poisoning.
Salty trout loses the color looks paler than fresh. Note the streaks in the meat of salted fish. White, not the bright pink color will indicate the absence of dyes in fish.
Carefully read the composition of fish indicated on the label. For example, to dissolve all the bones in the fish, some manufacturers use sozrevateley or acid, to add the weight of injected polyphosphates. Trout fillet, processed food additives, will produce an artificial Shine that bright unnatural color, fibration and slightly distended. Phosphates eluted from fish meat protein, so the nutritional value and use trout falls several times.
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