Why linoleum is susceptible to bloating

Causes deformation of linoleum several. The first is the influence of low temperatures. In the winter often swells the linoleum, and with the onset of summer, the linoleum is coming back to normal, but to return to the previous form can't. If the cause of the swelling, the infiltration of air, then made a small incision and is produced in the air. Then, in that place where there was swelling, hold a hot iron, bed, pre-newspaper. In the cut, you can add a special mastic, which, when heated, melted and cooled, stick.

For the procedure to smoothen the linoleum and remove air the needed roller or iron. Suitable as a smooth Board. To avoid bloating when moving furniture, it is better to glue it with putty or double sided sticky tape.

Options to repair linoleum

If the linoleum is swollen, there are a few easy options for alignment:
1. Heat a sack of sand to a certain temperature in a water bath and applied to the bloated space.
2. The second option is more complicated. For its implementation will need to remove the skirting boards and using boards to squeeze out the air.

If swelling of linoleum occurred due to mechanical impact to fix the situation can only perestelit linoleum.
Even with small swellings over time, the surface becomes loose and wears out quickly. The choice of the method of fixation of the floor covering depends on what method was carried out laying of linoleum. Blistering may be due to the irregularities of the floor and baseboards. There is no repair of floor surfaces and replacement of baseboards is not enough. Hollows are filled with a mixture ledges is eliminated. Need the floor to be leveled and then lay the linoleum. When laying possible errors, resulting in swelling of the floor covering.

What are the necessary tools to eliminate blisters

So, to get rid of the bubbles you will need:
- a sharp knife;
- Board or plywood;
- bag of sand or salt;
- spatula.

Thus, the entire process for elimination of defects of linoleum is to carry out the following operations:
1. The troubled spot is the cross-section.
2. With a putty knife removed the glue and apply new glue to both surfaces.
3. The linoleum is pressed to the floor and simultaneously remove the excess glue. For a tight diligence placed the bag with cargo.