Install Sonic Stage, intended for recording music on Sony Walkman. To do this, insert the drive in computer disk supplied in the kit. In the window that appears, select the region in which the device will be used, and click the install button. After the process, restart the computer.
Connect the Sony Walkman to the computer. To do this, use the usb cable supplied. One end connect to the corresponding connector on the device and the other directly to the computer. If you are using a device that supports Magic Gate Memory Stick, insert the memory card into the device before connecting it to the computer.
Run Sonic Stage. To do this, select start – > All programs –> Sonic Stage –> Sonic Stage. Either run it by double-clicking the appropriate shortcut on the desktop. Click on the Transfer button located in the upper right part of the window. Next, select the direction of transfer music files.
In the My Library list on the left side of the program window Sonic Stage, select the files you want to write on the device Sony Walkman. If you want to record multiple files, hold the Ctrl key while selecting. If you want to record an entire album, select the entire folder.
By default, the files in mp3 and OpenMG will be copied to the device with preservation of format and bitrate. However, if the connected device does not support a certain format, the files will be converted by the program. If you want to change the bitrate and file format, click Settings.
To start transferring files to the device, click the corresponding arrow button. Will start the copying process audio.