You will need
  • player;
  • - software to player;
  • - Windows Media player.
If you have a Samsung player, then create a playlistand go to the menu item "Music" search and select songs you want to add to the list of playback through artists, genres, albums, etc.
In the list of tracks, click to add the selected files, the top right button, click on the menu item "add to playlist". Repeat this for the other compositions. Depending on the model of the portable device, you can create different number of lists play.
If you have a player manufacturer Sony, then connect the device to the computer using the USB cable that is supplied with the equipment. Open all available music content using Windows Media player, select the menu item "Create list playback". After that add the desired files to the playlist by saving it to the player in the appropriate folder under a certain name. Please note that this feature is available only units of Sony models, most of them simply do not support the playback of playlists.
If you have an iPod, then create a list of playback in iTunes mode connected to a computer a portable device. Playlist created by mark a tick on the tab "Music".
If you have a regular player hardware controller without a screen, then create playlists by copying the music to a folder “Playlists” when the machine is connected to the computer. This function is not supported by all portable devices to playback music.
Many modern models of portable players support the format of playback .m3u, to do this, open the device as a removable disk, create using regular music player on the computer playlist with the appropriate extension, and place it in the appropriate folder.