You will need
  • - iPod;
  • cable connection to the computer;
  • - iTunes;
  • - collection of music.
Install iTunes on your computer. This software is designed to manage data, update, iPod, recovery, information on this player.
Connect your iPod to your computer. The device must be in the on state.
Wait until the operating system detects the connected device.
Start iTunes.
Add music files to the library. To do this, in iTunes, you can use the menu item "File – Add file to library (Add folder to library)". Select a file, group of files or folder, click "OK". Music can also be added by "dragging" the music file, group of files or folder in the section "Library" on the left side of the iTunes window.
Prepare the music for recording into your iPod. To do this, select in the left part of iTunes connected device. In the main window on top, select the tab "Music". In the list of music check songs, genre, artist, or album you've added to your library.
Put it in the same window, tick "to allow to sync music to this device"
Click on the "Sync" button in the lower right corner of the iTunes window. The synchronization process will be mapping data from a data store on a computer and content on your iPod. Accordingly your added music will be transferred to the player.