You will need
  • - Jack
  • - concrete
  • - material for the cap,
  • - metal plate.
Prepare everything in order to start lifting baths. The Jack must have a lifting capacity of 5 tons or more. Remove the corner bath in the bottom and install a stand for Jack. Suitable thick metal, timber of durum, a small concrete slab. Put the Jack on the ground under the wall, on top of him put a thick metal plate and begin to carefully Jack a corner bath. Once the angle is raised to the desired height, enclose under it on both sides of I-beam mounted on two supports a distance of about one meter, this beam will serve as a support for corner baths. After the beam is installed, lower the Jack and remove it.
Dig under the corner of the bath pit for the Foundation to the desired depth, in various cases, it may be from 0.5 to 1 meter. Pour a Foundation of concrete and let it harden for two weeks. Once the Foundation will become strong, print a base of a bath of the material that is planned – it could be brick, rubble stone, logs, timber. Be sure to put a layer of waterproofing, if the base spread from a brick, or insulated layer on the bottom if you also enclose the tree.
Put the Jack on the side of the flooded base of the pole and lift the corner of the bath so that the opportunity to remove its supporting beam. Remove the beam and slowly lower the Jack on the new Foundation.
After done all 4 corners of the bath, safely installed on the new concrete posts, you can lay a brick or replace the logs in the old cap on the spaces between the corners. Do not forget to include a hole for drainage, otherwise your bath after repair again it will begin to break down.
You can install with a Jack at the same time two corners on the supports and pour under them a Foundation, so the time work on the rise of the bath is significantly reduced.