You will need
  • Sand, roofing material, cement, foam, reinforcement mesh with ячейками100×100 mm wooden Board for a flooring or tile, depending on the wishes.
Getting to the arrangement of a warm floor in the steam room, it is necessary to dig to a depth of about half a meter. Earth clean the walls and bottom of the pit tamp, evenly spread on it a layer of sand about 5 cm.
How to make a warm floor in <b>bath</b>
On the sand lay, tight fitting, sheets of foam. The thickness of the sheets shall be not less than 200mm. Trim and pieces of foam do not discard, they will be useful for the preparation of cement fill.
On top of the foam, apply a layer of mortar of cement and sand. It is mixed in the ratio of one to one. The solution should be to add foam chips.
How to make a warm floor in <b>bath</b>
Now the top layer should lay a roofing felt or its equivalent, in two layers for waterproofing the floor in the bath. On top of the roofing material pour another layer of cement mortar thickness of five centimeters. This time the solution add vermiculite.
How to make a warm floor in <b>bath</b>
Lay reinforcing mesh, pour a layer of concrete or mortar, mixed with small gravel. You can then put the top layer of floor floor.
How to make a warm floor in <b>bath</b>