The garage is sagging due to poor Foundation or because of its complete absence. If the problem lies in the fact that not open the gate, they can just cut off the hinge and re-dock it.
If you want to raise the garage and set it on the Foundation, it is possible to make a crane. This option is suitable for those who have a new garage and made of thick iron. Remove everything from the garage, call a crane, a pre-prepared concrete poles for the installation of the garage. Installing garage for them, you will immediately solve problems with the drawdown of the garage, collapsing on one or other side and opening the gate.
This option is not suitable for old garages, the iron which is already susceptible to damage. With the rise of such garages they can just break apart or crumble. In such cases, there is only one option – to raise the garage turns on all sides a powerful Jack and put it under the edge and sides of garage solid Foundation.
If you've got a high car and drive into the garage can not because of low gate or insufficient height of the garage, but it costs you capital Foundation, raise garage is better at the top. To do this, remove the roof weld by welding extra height and re-attach the roof. Do the same with a gate. This method of lifting is suitable for any garage construction material of the garage. For wood, brick, foam and aerated blocks. Depending on the construction material manufacture, and elevation.