First, in order to overgrow the tunnel, take it off and walk without it for a couple months with an empty hole. After a while it begins to heal itself, but only if it has a small diameter of the tunnel (tunnel diameter up to 16 mm may be blown down completely for almost half a year, will remain barely visible hole). If the tunnels are of large diameter (2-3 cm), then sarasawati to the limit, and then the rest of the tunnel hole will have to close.
If you put in your ear is really big tunnel, will have to seek appropriate help from doctors. In this case, they can cut you the slack of the lobe, and the remainder to sew, then you will become the proud owner of a small scar in place of the lobe. From the scar, in turn, you can remove with the use of special protivorechivyh ointments. All depends on your body.
Folk remedies will help healing tunnel tincture of calendula. To prepare it, take one tablespoon of dry herbs of calendula and fill it with one Cup (200 ml) of boiling water. Gadgets make the infusion: take a cotton pad, soak it in the infusion of calendula and apply it on for a few seconds for the tunnel. Such a procedure do it 8-10 times a day for 3 months. This folk remedy will help to regenerate tissue, but if a large tunnel, this will help you only as a preventive means to protect a pierced ear from infection.
In private clinics plastic surgery cost for removal of the tunnel in one ear is about 9 000 rubles. However, such operation takes place in just one day, and produce, usually under local anesthesia. Then after surgery the client a few times will have to come for a consultation at the clinic. As a result the overall price for the fix would be about 20-25 thousand rubles.