Download and install special software. Quite popular and easy to use program "Fitodoctor", produced by AMS Software. That would be good to recover deleted photos. The more that this utility is provided free of charge. "Fitodoctor" - a universal program that will allow you to restore photos from various media such as the built-in memory card or USB flash drive.
Download and install to your mobile phone program "Fitodoctor". Run it to recover the photos on the memory card. Select the folder which were previously deleted photos. Find it in the program Search box. Enter in this field the name of the photo you want to restore. The program will then give you a list of all available reconstruction photos.
Select the desired photos and click "Recover". If you want to view the content of photos that you restore now, you can do it in the section "Sketches". Use the program "Fitodoctor" if other ways to restore memory card photos failed.
Use the following steps to restore photos on the memory card, if you have a smartphone. In this case, you do not need to download additional software. Just connect the smartphone to the computer using USB cable.
After that go into the phone's memory card at C:/System/Temp. Here you will find all the files that were recently deleted. Tedious if you photo has been removed recently, there is a high probability that you will be able to find it here. Note that the size of the Temp folder is limited, so if the photo was deleted just a few hours ago, you will be able to restore it. If we are talking about the period of a few days, then restore it will not succeed.