Advice 1: How to restore the folder on a flash drive

Probably each of us ever accidentally deleted a necessary data on the stick. However, in most cases, such removal is reversible to restore the lost files, without any special effort.
How to restore the folder on a flash drive
First of all, finding that the required files do not exist on the flash drive, or accidentally deleted, do not write her anything anymore. The fact that the physical files are not deleted, but their titles are erased, and in their place may be written to another file. Verify that after deleting files on the stick nothing more was recorded. This will increase the chances of recovery of lost information. Connect the flash card to the computer, so she was determined as a hard disk drive and don't do anything with it.
Download any utility for recovering deleted files (Recuva for example, which can be downloaded here: and install it on your computer. Please note that a utility is able to recover files which have been deleted not only from flash drives but from hard disk.
Start the recovery procedure. To this end, the program window, select the analyzed area (in our case it will be a removable disk). Wait until the program will scan the selected media and lists all recoverable files. Next to the name of the file (or folder) displays the path, size, last modification date, and the approximate status of the probability of recovery. Depending on the settings utility can display the deleted hidden and system files, and output a list of files with zero size. To restore, check the desired files and click “Recover”, then you will need to specify the location where you want to save the recovered folder.
To save the recovered files you need to another drive or media as recovery on the drive from which it was produced, the deletion can result in an error.
Useful advice
Often make backups of essential files and documents.

Advice 2 : How to reset the remote with the stick

Almost every modern person holds any information on the stick. Some pictures and someone's working files or a future degree. Unfortunately, none of us is immune from loss of data, no matter how reliable the flash memory may seem. So many have met the problem of recovering data from such media.Process of data recovery from flash drive napasai depends on how important the files were lost.
How to reset the remote with the stick
If the user simply accidentally deleted data or accidentally formatted the flash drive, recover files help of a special program. You can try it yourself by downloading the necessary program on the Internet. The main thing - not to get confused and not produce on the bearer change during data extraction. Removing lost file, transfer it immediately to your computer.
If the flash drive is clearly not normal, for example, is not defined in the computer at all, or defined as empty, or if you have damaged the drive mechanically – crushed or wet, then to recover data you should refer to specialists. It is very important to find the problem, not to produce any more action with the stick. The stick should be immediately and properly removed from the computer or camera not to work with her - not to make images, not to record any data. Remember, almost any malfunction data can be recovered, if after the detection of the error, you immediately stop working with flash.
Take the faulty drive to the center of the computer repair experts using a special device (programmer) think of all of the chips flash memory and decrypt it, having thus, your lost information. If possible, the computer center, you not only restore data but also fix the flash card.By the way, today there are firms ready to help you with data recovery from USB drive available.

Advice 3 : How to recover deleted files from USB drive

Located on removable media information is often erased and replaced by a new one that is why you may need to recover deleted files from USB drive. For such an operation there are special applications with appropriate functionality.
try to recover deleted files from USB drive
Use one of the appropriate free application to recover deleted files from USB drive. Such programs can be found on the Internet and then install on a computer. Solid functionality and efficiency has Recuva. This application can recover not only drives, but also CD-ROMs, floppy and other media.
Install Recuva and then open. Specify the type of recoverable files, or select "Other" to return any information. Click "Browse" and select the flash drive. Enable deeper analysis to enhance the search and recovery. When the procedure is completed you will see the result. The program will find files that can still be "saved" (they will be highlighted in green). Yellow files have an equal chance of recovery or a full loss, and the red "treatment" is not the subject.
Rapidly and almost completely to recover files from USB drive also helps domestic program DMDE, which does not require installation. Just download and click on its startup file. Select the correct device for your USB flash drive. Wait for the procedure to find lost files. Go to "Open volume".
Activate the recovery function of the file system. Discovered files appear in the right part of the app or in the folder $Root left. Right-click the mouse on the appropriate one and click "Recover", then specify the path to save it. To restore simultaneously all of the objects in the free version will not work, so the program will be handy only when you need to recover just a few files.
Install a R. saver, which also recovers deleted files. Unzip the archive and run the program. Immediately after launch will be performed a quick scan of available drives. Select the flash drive and run the tool "Search data" or "data Recovery after formatting".
Wait for file system recovery, which in this case is made using a unique algorithm IntelliRAW. Found the data folder will appear in the left window. This program allows you to simultaneously recover entire folders with files and to save information to the specified location on the hard drive or other media.
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