You will need
  • To recover photos that were deleted from the camera memory, you'll need one of the recovery programs, and the cable to connect the camera to the computer. If the photos were recorded on the memory card instead of connecting the camera, you can use the card reader and the memory card from the camera.
First of all, you should download and install one of the programs able to recover lost files. It can be Easy Recovery Professional, Recuva, GetDataBack, Recover My Files, Restoration or any similar program. The cost of some programs is quite high, and some can be used completely free of charge.
No matter what program you choose, the principle of the restoration services will be the same. You need to connect your computer to the camera or memory card and launch the program data recovery. All programs have an intuitive interface and the recovery process is accompanied by tooltips. You only need to specify the search location, which in your case would be the memory card or connected camera. The program will find all the deleted pictures and show you them in a list. You should then select files and choose the folder where you would like to place the restored photos. After this will only start the process of recovery, and your lost photos will come back to life.