First we should clarify that the full name of pendrive - USB Flash Drive, and that name should navigate to directories of computer stores. When selecting media, the main criterion is its volume. Consider what amount of information do you typically need to copy and move, and how often.

After selecting the drives, you can begin to use it. Standard USB flash drive features a removable cap that covers the USB connector through which it connects to the computer. When your flash drive is not connected to the computer, be sure to wear it, this cap – it will prevent contamination of the connector, penetrate dust, moisture and other foreign objects that may damage the device.

So, before you start working with the media, remove the protective cap. Before you – the metal USB connector through which you want to insert the flash drive into the connector at the computer. In the computer a corresponding USB input can be located both behind and in front of the body. It is easy to recognize: it is a horizontal slit, which in form and size will fit the connector on your USB flash drive. Connect the device to the computer.

If this car had not been used stick, the computer will prompt you to find and install the driver for it. If you are working in Windows operating system, then you will be prompted step-by-step installation instructions. This process does not require any special knowledge and skills.

After the computer has detected and recognized the device USB Flash Drive, go to folder "My computer" which you have located on your computer desktop. There followed a list of hard drives on your computer appear connected removable device. Find some of them, the name of which will be referred to the acronym "USB" is your flash drive. Now you can start to use the memory stick: open it with double click and work like any removable media floppy – copy, move, or remove files.

After completion of locate the task panel at the bottom of the screen icon, signed "safely remove hardware and eject media". Click with the left mouse button will open a list of devices that you will be asked to disconnect. Select your carrier from the list and click disable. After some time the screen will appear the inscription: "the Equipment can be extracted". Only after that, remove the flash drive from the USB input.