Advice 1: How to increase memory on a flash drive

Often, come the rewrite new film or game, and in the process found out that the "insufficient disk space" - is simply overflowing with the flash drive. And why is it not rubber? Unfortunately, the size of the memory card is specified constructively, and to change it can only in the smaller side. But the information from flash drive not removed – it's all necessary, and not to go home because without the film.
Flash cards
You will need
  • Computer (laptop) software.
Any information (a file) can be compressed to reduce its mark up of the original. Locate the memory card folder with text documents (.doc .xls), to compress them, coined many programs WinRAR, WinZIP, they reduce the size of the document, almost ten-fold packaging them in a separate folder archive. But the problem is that the size of the text document is initially small, and if you have not stored fleshke the works of Lenin, liberated space for film is not enough.
What else can be stored on mobile storage media, and of course photography. The size of the photo after the camera can reach 10 MB, but you may have seen pictures of good quality with a size of several hundred kilobytes, the fact that the camera attaches a lot of garbage, "clean up" the picture to reduce its size you can also with the help of special software, whose full on the Internet. The main criterion for reducing the size of the photo is the preservation of the quality of the photograph itself.
Program to compress photos
Yes, you are an avid music lover, so much music to wear. Here is where you can really carve out megabytes of free space. To compress music files also have their own programs to use them simple and intuitive. The music file size is reduced by reducing the bitrate of the recording, but to reduce it to zero is not worth that kind of music then listen to is just disgusting. Possible also option to shrink the existing drive video files or the movie you want to rewrite, but this procedure is quite long and can take anywhere from 4 to 10 hours or more.
Program music compression
Text documents are compressed to the minimum automatically, without disturbing the quality of the document, and control the compression process (final size) is not possible.

When you compress pictures and music have the ability to change the size of the final file, but don't make the photo size and bitrate of the music too little, otherwise the result will be disappointed.

Do not delete the source files without checking the result, it is possible that you are not satisfied with the quality.
Useful advice
Before compression, determine how much space you need to release, on this basis, search for the files that are down will give you a free space.

Advice 2 : How to increase memory card capacity

Any electronic device capable of storing not more than a certain manufacturer. However, there are situations when all required data is simply not enough memory. This problem can be overcome by increasing the cards memory.
How to increase memory card capacity
You will need
  • — computer or laptop;
  • software;
  • — working memory card.
Use a computer with special software, so as to directly increase the amount of card memory is not possible in principle. In order to release some memory apply archive programs that are designed to conserve memory.
Search on the map of memory files which are the results of working with Microsoft Office products. This text and table files. They usually have the extension .doc .xls, .lnk. To compress these formats, created by programs that allow to perform the procedure fast enough. Is archivers WinRAR and WinZIP, which are able to reduce the size of the document is almost ten times, packaging it into an archive file. However, in this situation there is one problem. The result compression will be noticeable if you have the map memory stored a large amount of textual information. This is due to the initially small size of such files.
Check your portable storage medium for photographs. When creating photographs through the digital camera, the file size can sometimes reach 10 megabytes. However, the picture can have good quality at "weight" no more than 2 megabytes. The large size is due to the fact that the camera initially attaches to the created photo a lot of unnecessary "garbage" that can be removed. To do this, use a special program, which can be found on the Internet (Photoshop, Corel Draw, etc.).
Please check the card memory for audio files. If they are and you don't want to remove them, use the programs, which reduce the size of music (winLAME, mp3DirectCut, etc.). This is achieved by reducing the bitrate. However, remember that the full bitrate can not be lower, as it will hurt the quality of the recording.
Useful advice
Do not delete the original file until until you check the quality altered, as it can be a bad option derivative.
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