The purpose of the bootable USB drive

Bootable flash drive is a good helper, when you restore and the operating system crashes. It is a standard USB flash drive with a specific amount of memory, allowing you to record the operating system image. With it you can make the initial download or installation of the system if the operating system is missing on the computer or do not start. Bootable flash drive is convenient when the computer is missing a CD/DVD drive , installation is much faster.

Using USB bootable media to format and restore hard drives of computer, track failure in the system to test the operating memory, to perform a system restore after virus infection. Bootable flash drive is useful when the computer does not boot from the hard drive, but you need to save important information.

How to create a bootable USB flash drive

Often bootable USB flash drive used to install the operating system. To create the bootable drive with the operating system, you need a system image. You can download it via the Internet.

First and foremost, you need to format the flash drive. This can be done with Windows tools. To do this, go to "My computer" and icon of the flash drive, click the right button of the mouse to select the partition Format. In the started window click "Start".

Next you need to record the operating system image on a flash drive. There are many programs for creating a bootable stick, but the most popular of them – UltraISO. You can download it via Internet search engine, type a query of "Download UltraISO".After downloading the program you need to install on your computer. Since this is a paid service, when you start you need to click "Trial mode".

In the installed program you need to open the operating system image with the extension ".iso. To do this in the main menu "File" choose "Open" in the window "Open ISO file" select the downloaded image.

The next phase is to capture the image menu, choose the section "Bootstrapping" and choose "Write hard disk image...". In the window write the image to select the drive where the recorded operating system, a method of recording to use "USB+HDD+" and press the "Record" button.

After the end of the recording process, the bootable flash drive is ready to use. To launch USB drive from the computer, go to BIOS and put under "Boot Device Priority" first drive "First Boot Device" boot flash drive. After the reboot, start the installation of the OS directly from the stick.

Bootable USB drive is a useful device for system recovery. If you write Windows 7 enough stick with a memory capacity of 4 GB. It is better to use 16 GB to a flash drive to put a lot of necessary programs.