You will need
  • passport or marriage certificate, sheet of paper, pen, place of work, stationery shop
When applying for a job. Conclude an employment contract with the employer. If you were not officially employed and are hired to work for the first time, the employment - book, you must give the employer no later than five days. You can do the form work book at the stationery shop. Take it to fill to your employer.
In case of dismissal. On the day of termination of the employment contract (on the last day of work), go to your employer or HR Department for resigning. After the procedure, take away his labour book. If you can't be her, you will receive notification (by phone or mail) from the employer about the possibility of sending you the work book in the mail. Answer Yes and you will receive an email with your workbook.
If employment history is lost. Write a statement about the loss to your employer. Not later than 15 days you should call the personnel Department or to the employer and present you with a completed duplicate of your work history.
If you need a copy of the work book. Write a statement of results copy of employment history your employer or the human resources Department. Within 3 days duly certified copy will be ready. On call or its own initiative, take it.
If you received a denial you employment record. Send application to the employer with a request to issue a labour book. In case of refusal or failure to the outcome of the specific statutory period (last day of work) contact the labour Inspectorate or the Prosecutor's office. If these actions have not yielded results, make a petition to the court demanding the termination with the employer of the employment contract and the results you labor books.
If the employee died. As a close relative, you must report to the employer of the deceased. Present documents proving your relationship with the deceased (passport, marriage certificate, etc.). Ask them to provide you labor book of the employee, and then sign at the receipt.