You will need
  • Shampoo for dogs
  • Soft and hard brush
Wash fee not more often than once in 3-4 months. Of course, if the street dirt and mud, bathe your dog as often as required. Before bathing, place a small amount of cotton wool in both ears of a Dachshund, to keep the water in the process of washing wool in them has not got.
Put the dog in the tub and running water from the shower completely wet it. Apply a little shampoo yourself first on your palm, then lightly wspania hands, hair Dachshund.
If there is heavy soiling, you can use a special rubber brush for washing animals. Carefully rinse the dog, wash all the foam from her hair.
Lightly blow into the ear of the dog, she will shake. This happens instinctively and to carry out this procedure better when the Dachshund in the bathroom. Wipe pet with a towel.
If the coat of the Dachshund is long and hard, you need to comb it regularly with a special brush, while dogs with a smooth coat is enough to wipe with a cloth of velvet or hard with a towel.
Coming from a walk, the dog's paws must be cleaned with a slightly wet water cloth, or rinse it under a warm shower. To wash need to use a special shampoo designed strictly for taxes. Should not be to wash your dog often, but only if it is visibly dirty. Four to five month puppies not wash at all.
To clean the eyes of taxes are also easy. Accumulated during the night the mucus in the morning you must remove with cotton wool soaked in weak tea. Similarly, the act in the formation of crusts around the dog's eyes. Frequent and abundant discharge need to consult an appropriate professional.
Ears fees must be inspected every day. The accumulated sulfur is removed by means of cotton wool, soaked with hydrogen peroxide or boric alcohol, and is wound on the match. In addition, cleaning of the ears produced special drops.