You will need
    • Compote of black currant:
    • 600 g of black currant;
    • 2.5 liters of water;
    • 3 kg of sugar.
    • For red currant compote:
    • 1 kg of red currants on their stems;
    • 250 g of sugar;
    • 500 ml of water.
Rinse in cold water currants. They must be freshly and uniformly painted. Sort through them, separating from the brush. Sick, immature and crushed berries should be discarded.
Put the washed currants in a colander to water glass. Then distribute it to banks. One half-liter jar is enough to put about 200 grams of berries. For a better seal currants in the filling needs a few times to shake the banks. Previously should be thoroughly washed and sterilized. For this purpose the washed cans should be scalded and put down the neck in a boiling kettle. Duration of sterilization is about 15 minutes.
Dilute with hot water to sugar and boil. Pour hot sugar syrup Packed in tins currants.
Pasteurize jars with compote in hot water for about 20 minutes. Roll up the jars and store in a cool place. In the use of the compote, dilute to taste boiled water as it is very cloying.
Try to cook a compote of red currants. Its sweet and sour taste very good thirst quencher. For its preparation thoroughly rinse the berries on the branches.
Boil water with sugar. Currant directly on the branches tightly, put into sterile jars and pour boiling syrup. Banks cover with sterile lids and put on fire to sterilize for half an hour. After that banks with compote should immediately roll up, flip up the bottom and wrap up in a blanket all night. After that compote must be stored in the basement or the pantry. Since the compote is quite concentrated, before serving it should be diluted with boiled cooled water.