You will need
    • Berries or fruits
    • sugar
    • water
    • pan
    • spices to taste.
Regardless of what fruit or berries to prepare the compote, first cook the syrup. The ingredients are calculated as follows: if berriess fruit or sour, then sugar you need to put 200 grams in 1 liter of water. If berrys sweet, it will be enough and 150 grams of sugar per liter of water. Bring the syrup to a boil and make sure sugar is completely dissolved.
Then prepare the fruit or berries. From apples, pears or quinces, remove the seeds, wash them and cut into slices. Dense berrys (cherries, gooseberries, sweet cherries) first, sort, then wash, remove stems, if necessary, put in hot syrup and boil. Soft berries, (raspberries, strawberries) loop, put in bowls and pour the warm syrup. These berriesyou don't boil it. Wash plums, cut them in half, remove seeds and pour in the boiling syrup.
If you cook a compote of dried fruits, we note that they are placed in sequence. First also try dried fruits, wash them, sort out the composition and bring to a boil syrup. Then put first the pears, boil them for a few minutes, then add apples, cook for another few minutes and in the end put the prunes, apricots and raisins.
In order to improve the taste of the compote, add a little wine. Also, the taste will improve, peel of citrus (lemon or orange), just be sure to remove them at the end of cooking, as they add the compote excessive bitterness. To enhance the taste, add the compote, nuts or spices (vanilla, cinnamon).