Advice 1: How to cook the correct berry compote

A good compote is a drink, which preserve the useful properties of berries and fruits, vitamins and minerals. In a delicious compote balanced the natural sweetness of the berries, sugar or honey and natural "sour". The drink has a pleasant color, from Golden yellow to deep wine red.
How to cook the correct berry compote

The berries are suitable for compote

Ideal – freshly picked cherries, strawberries, raspberries, currants red and black. Apples and apricots, gooseberries and plums. In less suitable cherries, peaches and pears. Of course, you will not need to use all the berries at once. Choose the combination of sweet and sour berries, then a drink will be tastier. Apples combines with any berry compote. They can take as the basis of useful vitamin drink.

Winter is well to prepare the compote of berries fast freezing of berries pureed with sugar or homemade pieces in the form of berries in their own juice, cooked with no more than 5 minutes.

It is good to diversify compote extras such as a sprig of mint or lemon balm, a couple of sprigs of cloves or lemon peel. Very healthy to add to the compote twigs of cherry, raspberry or black currant.

The preservation of vitamins and minerals

If the berries are purchased, keep them in the fridge. But not more than 2 days. Over time, the vitamins are slowly but steadily destroyed, the berries lose juice and useful properties. For longer storage use the freezer. Frozen berries are perfect for compote.

In addition to vitamin D, which is not present in berries and fruits, all the other b vitamins in varying degrees are rapidly destroyed in the cooking process. How can you keep them? The process of preservation of valuable substances begins with the purchase or gathering of berries. Loop them. Store in a cool and dark place. Wash berries immediately before making the compote. If you want to chop the apples, apricots or peaches – do it with a sharp knife in stainless steel. The dishes use only enameled, stainless steel or glass. The Board is better than wooden.

And most importantly, boiling water tends to neutralize the effect of ascorbicacid, which in turn can destroy the vitamin C. And if you give the drink to infuse until cool, the most part of vitamins and mineral salts pass from the berries in the compote, saturate it with useful substances.

Proper cooking of the compote

Take the saucepan for 3-5 liters. Fill it to the maximum with water, leaving only a place for sugar and berries.
While the water is boiling, collect the berries for the compote, rinse with cold water, if necessary remove bones. Large berries can be cut. These berries, like large black currants and gooseberries, well pierced with a fork or toothpick. Then they better "give" compote your vitamins and minerals.

If you decide to add cloves, sprigs of cherries or raspberries – rinse and add to boiling water. Mint and lemon balm, zest is best added to the compote after berries.

Add to boiling water sugar, depending on the set of berries and your tastes – it's the portion from 3 to 10 tablespoons of sugar. If possible, the sugar can be replaced honey. But it is added to prepared, cooled to a temperature not above 40oC compote. Otherwise, all useful properties of honey are lost.

Berry to put in boiling water should be fast portions. Once you put all the berries in the boiling water, cover pot and let stand off the stove. Boil the berries is not recommended to save their properties. Leave the compote to infuse till cooling, without opening the cover. The compote has reached room temperature ready. It can drain from the berries, and chill in the fridge.

Advice 2: How to cook a compote of frozen berries

In winter, when the body is already longing for fresh berries, an excellent solution could be a compotemade from frozen fruits. Thanks to the modern technology of quick freezing of berries stashed in the summer, retain most of its vitamins. These vitamins are better preserved in the juice, boil it, observing the following rules.
How to cook a compote of frozen berries
You will need
  • - frozen berries, different varieties of better – 0,5 kg;
  • - sugar – 0,5-1 glass;
  • - water – 2-2,5 l;
  • - zest of lemon or orange (optional);
  • - a pot with a capacity of not less than 3 L.
In a saucepan pour the right amount of water, add sugar and bring to a boil. Make sure the sugar is completely dissolved, if not, stir the water with a spoon or ladle. It is advisable not to use for cooking compote aluminum fry pan. Acid contained in large quantity in the berries react with the aluminum, and the compote can move his joints. Besides boiled in a saucepan compote loses a huge proportion of mineral substances and vitamin C.
Take any frozen berries: strawberries, cherries, black currants, blackberries, etc. in the above number. To prepare compote fruit not be defrosted in advance, as they will lose a lot of juice. Therefore, put the berry mixture in frozen form in boiling water. If you like a citrus flavor, add the compote a little freshly grated zest of lemon or orange.
Wait until the water again boils. Reduce the heat and simmer the compote for about 5 minutes. Turn off the heat, cover the pan with a lid and leave it on the edge of the plate. Let the compote cook for another half hour. So he will get a maximum of aromatic substances and vitamins from the berries. Now the compote can be strained pour into dishes and cool. Optionally, the berries can not drain through a colander. Serve berry compote on the table relies in the high Countess.
Never use for cooking stewed galvanized utensils.
Useful advice
If for some reason the berries compote was thawed, and the juice remained in the pot, where they are thawed, add it to the compote just before serving.

Advice 3: How to cook a delicious compote of berries

In the heat of summer fruit compote is good for quenching thirst. In winter weather it reminds you of Sunny days and helps combat vitamin deficiency. Kids this delicacy instills a love of natural fruits berries. Unlike store-bought carbonated drinks and plant juices, homemade compote is not only delicious, but also very useful.
How to cook a delicious compote of berries
You will need
    • berries
    • water
    • sugar
    • pan
    • glass jars
    • cover
    • seaming machine
    • a warm blanket.
Sort through the berries, set them free from the peduncle. Throw away spoiled fruit, and the rest put in a colander and rinse thoroughly under running cold water. Put the colander on the pot to let the water drain out. You can also pour the berries on a clean towel, previously spread out on the table.
In a clean saucepan, pour water, put it on the fire and bring to a boil. As soon as the water boils, carefully put in a pot of berries. Add sugar to taste, mix gently. Try the compote. It needs to be a little sweeter than you like. The fact that the berries after some time give the liquid its acid, and taste the compoteand will be just as necessary.
Wait until compote comes to a boil, remove the pan from the heat, so the berries in the compotedidn't lose shape. The compote can be drunk immediately, spilling the glasses and pre-cool. And you can cover the pan with a lid and wait until the berries start to give him all their taste. When the pan feels warm, compote reveal the taste in its entirety.
The compote can also cook on the basis of sugar syrup. To do this in a saucepan with boiling water pour the sugar and wait until it is completely dissolved. Add the resulting syrup to the berries, again bring it to a boil and remove the pan from the heat.
To cook the compote from frozen berries, no need to defrost. Douse the berries with boiling water and immediately immerse in a pot of boiling water. Thawed at room temperature, the berries will lose most of their contained useful substances.
Useful advice
To stock up on stewed fruit for the winter, you need to roll it into sterile jars. To do this, take jars, sterilize them for a couple. Moved, washed and dried with clean towels berries pour about 1/3. Add the sugar and 05 a teaspoon of citric acid per liter water. Fill the jars with boiling water. Banks roll with metal lids with sealing machines. For the best sterilizing jars with compote in a day after rolling are best stored upside down tightly wrapped in warm blankets.
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