Practice at first with Bockenem, wooden ball. Do not touch this weapon as long as you are not sure a mentor. Grasp the end of the arm bokken left hand. Squeeze it tight with the small and ring fingers.
Touch the middle finger to the hilt. Make sure to thumb and fingers can move freely. Not sacratomato them.
Grasp right hand over the upper part of the arm bokken if there is no forearm. Leave a space in the thumb between the knuckle and arm. Make it so that the index fingers and the wrist were parallel to each other. Leave between the hands of distance to the width of the wrist.
Hold, bokken 15 to 20 minutes without changing grip. This is necessary in order to have a good feel for the technique of capture and train the fingers.
At the same time turn the wrist inwards, as if wringing out a wet rag. Then return arms to the starting position on the sword. Both the palms of the hands should be at the top of bokken at the end of this movement. Perform this exercise 100 times a day. This will help to increase the strength of the hands and forearm, and also taught to work with a sword.
Place your feet together and turn your left foot 30 degrees. Slide the right foot forward until your right heel until the toes of the left foot will not vyrovnitsja. Bend your knees and move the weight on the toes.
Forced against the surface of the floor with your toes. This will allow for angular motion and spin quickly. All this can be done much faster than in the combat direction Kudo.
Learn to do piercing and cutting blows with a wooden sword under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Don't forget to work daily on position of hands, legs and body. As often as possible to practice wrist, at the above address. If these recommendations are followed, you will learn after some time to work and a real sword. Approach this issue very gradually!