You will need
  • five-layer reinforced PVC, drawing the future of the boat,
Correctly select material to build boats: it should be a five-layer reinforced PVC. The denser is the material, the greater the reliability will have your boat. Be sure to check the certificate – do not trust simple labels or tactile sensations.
Determine the maximum required capacity of future boats and it calculate its size. The easiest way to stay within a small weight, but the boat needs to be big enough and safe when traveling with other family members.
Mention possible data for the manufacture of boats from PVC. The maximum length is 2.51 m, width - 1.2 m, the lowest height is 0.35 m.
Make a drawing of the future of the boat according to the results of your calculations, taking into account the flow of material to the seams. You can try to use a ready-made coil from PVC with a pipe – then you don't have to do the seams on the sides.
You must first do the fusing of the bottom of the boat either with a special soldering iron or adhesive. Flat-bottomed boat will be more profitable from the point of view of ease of manufacture.
Connect the sides of the boat (body) with a rectangular deck and join in the contours of the stern.
Try to make the transition from the bottom to the transom rounded and not at right angle – this will provide greater ease of promotion while rowing with oars, and when attaching the motor speed increases.
Try not to add fine details – this will facilitate the creation of the boat.
Add the necessary and practical element to the transom of your boat - the wheels. They will facilitate her move by land, and they are easy to make removable and to remove the aft of the boat.
Adjust the alignment afloat sliding banks.
Manufacture of podkluchenie – preferably two pairs.
Equip your product with a removable awning in case of rain or too hot sun.