You will need
  • - DVB-card;
  • satellite tuner (receiver);
  • program ProgDVB;
  • - TV
  • - PC.
Adjust the viewing satellite TV on computer. For this you will need: DVB-card, with CI-slot (Skystar 1) or without (Skystar 2); the program ProgDVB and plugins for it. In addition, if you want to watch scrambled channels, you need a good connection to the Internet.
Install the PC DVB card in the motherboard slot, the first place it software. Configure the prompts on the monitor. Install ProgDVB, it will allow you not only to view TV channels and record them on the hard disk of the PC. Adjust the antenna to a satellite or group of satellites. ProgDVB tab "Settings" select "device List" and select your map. Hit the install button. In the tab "Settings" select "DiSEqC and providers" and select the required satellite. Click "OK".
Click on the tab "List of channels" item "Scan transponder". Select the drop down tabs satellite and transponder, if not, then enter the values manually. Click "Commit" and then "Scan". Save the found channels and they will appear in the left part of the main window of ProgDVB. Some of them, open or FTA, will be highlighted in green. And closed in red. Click on first, the TV picture will appear in 1-2 seconds, if not, check the configuration of the antenna. The quality and strength of satellite signal are visible on the running lines at the bottom of the program window.
Adjust the viewing satellite television using the receiver. For this you need a tuner FTA or CI slot, you can insert the access card digital pay channels. Turn off the receiver from the mains of 220 V and connect it to the input of LBN in coaxial cables from the satellite Converter. Connect the tuner through the antenna output to the TV and turn it on. On the TV receiver's channel setting for the receiver. In the device menu select "Antenna" or "setup" and install the selected satellite. In the left part are the parameters spelled out transponders, if you need not, enter it manually on the Edit tab.
Click "Scan". All available TV channels will be saved. Exit the "Menu" and choose any of them. If the channel is open, then in 1 his picture appears on the TV screen, if not, need access card to view. Sort channels to your liking in the folder "Favorite", "news", "Sports", "Cartoons" for more comfortable viewing of TV.