Visit one of the many Internet sites offering work abroad, including in Turkey. For example,, www.insankaynakları.com, Be careful and cautious, because high-paying job mentioned in the ad, can be just a bait for inexperienced girls and young people.
Please note the size of the salary which is offered by agents for employment. If it exceeds $500 (food and accommodation), this should seem suspicious to you, as a person without the knowledge of languages, higher education and work experience abroad for any half-decent labour are unlikely to pay more.
If you know English and Turkish and you have higher education, but no experience abroad, do not settle for offers with salaries above $700, not to fall into the trap of scammers. If the employer (or its representative) begins the bargaining of payment or offers to buy the ticket to Turkey on their own, turn off communication with this person. Most likely, you, in the end, it does not pay anything.
Before flying to Turkey as an employee, be sure to get the Turkish Consulate or Embassy work visa. Without it, in this country you can have problems with the law. So negotiate only with those employers who agree to sign with you an employment contract stating all the terms of cooperation and to obtain for you permission to work in Turkey.
Inexperienced beginners at the age from 18 till 25 years it is best to contact the Agency involved in the preparation and employment of animators, maids and other hotel staff. Those who have already worked abroad, you should consider higher education in the field of "tourism Manager", "receptionist" etc. unfortunately, that only such specialists have the chance without the patronage and connections to get a permanent job in Turkey.