Split personality – type of schizophrenia, a mental illness in which a person comes to his second "I" that changes his views, behavior, thinking and even stereotypes. There are two forms of this disease.

The first form is completely harmless. In mild form of split personality one simply looks for the same things, but every day from different positions. It depends on the mood and experiences of the person. Such an easy form inherent in every ordinary man. But the severe form is common in people who already suffer from serious mental disorders. About it is to talk.

Such people often don't remember what they did in any particular day. They talk with unfamiliar people, wear different clothes, behave in such as way. Moreover, differently arranged their psyche. So the usual pinched and humble guy, suddenly becomes relaxed, angry, nervous and short-tempered. These people in this form of the disease often headache, they complain of feeling unwell. And it is this condition that requires urgent treatment.

To treat the split personality required. Because it is a threat to life and health. In addition, it can pose a threat to life and surrounding people. Because nobody knows what next time will climb up to the man. Therefore, when the state medical help.