You will need
  • The obligatory medical insurance policy, passport, health insurance card.
A certificate from a psychiatrist is required for admission to the school, while obtaining rights and licenses for weapons, when applying for a job. The psychiatrist checks the adequacy of the human, his mental state, stress resistance, able to adapt to unusual conditions. To drive a car or wear the environment does not allow people with mental disorders because it is dangerous to health and life of others and the person. Going to a psychiatrist does not need to prepare. This occurs in a stationary mode. The doctor is not called.
A visit to a psychiatrist is necessary not only when required for help, but for the sake of prevention of diseases associated with disorders of the nervous system. The main part of diagnosis is to conduct a conversation with the man. It can last from several minutes to several hours. This includes the time for answers of the patient.
Can be held with the participation of parents or friends who are concerned about the mental health of the patient. The dialogue comes in the form of question-answer. Based on the information and behavior of the patient, the doctor is able to put a primary diagnosis. In the case of mental disorders will prescribe the appropriate treatment. For the study of certain mental functions (attention, memory, thinking) a psychiatrist conducts the tests. These are tasks specifically designed to identify mental disorders and degree of development of the person.
The psychiatrist is able to prescribe a number of tests: urine, blood, radiography, analysis of cerebrospinal fluid, ultrasound head scan. It is necessary to determine the nature of the disease. Possible mental disorders caused by infection, head injury, bone changes, tumor in the head. Tomography may show the presence of bleeding, injury, fracture in the brain that occurred as a result of a stroke.
Based on all the conducted studies, the doctor already puts an accurate diagnosis. Mental disorders can arise from everyday situations, stress, fears. They are called neuroses. Disease manifests itself by restless behavior, insomnia, apathy, depression, disturbance in the body. Mental disorders can arise as a result of medication, drugs or alcohol. The doctor must find out all these factors in order to help the patient and assign an effective treatment.