To checkwhether you got a package, try to contact the sender of your order. If you are expecting a parcel from family or friends, call them and confirm approximate time of delivery. If you bought the goods in the online store, contact the shipping Department by email or phone. Call your order number and find out about its readiness.
When receiving international parcels, first contact with the seller of the goods. Such Internet auctions, such as eBay, have their own messaging system. Besides, you can always check the status of your shipment (sent the seller a product or not). If you order products always check, whether correctly you have specified delivery address.
If your mail involves the service of tracking (shipment tracking), try to track the parcel via the Internet. Because each parcel has its own unique code (ID), you need to enter it on one of the sites online that have information about the status of your shipments. The parcel status is usually indicated country and the place where it is in the current time or has been informed.
As soon as the parcel will be at your post office (to the address you provided), you must mail a notice. Room notice, as a rule, coincides with a number that indicates a post office on your package. The notice must specify the weight of the parcel, the postage (small packet, parcel, shipment EMS, etc.), date of arrival of the shipment at your post office. Be careful, for possession of a parcel at the post office over a certain period (usually 5 days) you may be charged an additional fee.
Complete the reverse side of mailing the notice. Write passport data, address of residence. If you receive a parcel for a family member living at the same address, care of attorney, which gives you the right to mail for him. Contact with notice and passport to the shipping Department packages your post office and get the parcel.