You will need
  • Internet, check on the parcel
The mail ID is an ID that is assigned to all registered postal items. After the postal worker will take your parcel, he will be given a check, which (at the bottom, after the name of the type of shipment and a check number) and will need a combination of numbers or numbers and letters.
Go to the website of the Russian post at on the main page in the left part, find the section "Services", and click "tracking".
Make the window all characters email-ID without the brackets and spaces and press the "find"button.
In the opened table you can see a list of all transactions made with the premise at the time of the request, date and time of each of the act and the name or number of the post office, where at that moment was your parcel.
On the website of the Russian post you can see the movement of shipments within Russia. To see how to move the package on, look for the website of the destination country, many of them also have such a function.