Fortunately, almost all email services now have their services online, so check the location of your package simply. The main thing that you need – unique identification number of the postage or, as it is often called tracking (from the English. tracking).
Received from the postal service the tracking of your parcel, first find the website of the postal service of the country where you made the order. For example, if your premise is from the United States, use the official website of the state of the U.S. post – Go to its page and enter the tracking number in the opened window under the words Track & Confirm, then click Find. You will receive information on the movement of your order in the USA. Parcels sent from Germany, you can check through the website of the postal service of this country: and mail UK at
After the parcel crossed the border of the Russian Federation, move it around, the track is already through the website of the Russian postal service Visit the page and enter the number in the window "Mail ID". You will receive information about when the package crossed the border, went through customs and which was sent after it.
Not less convenient to track international packages via international sites tracking. For example, try, use the popular service On the main page, select mail service, through which was sent to your order and enter the corresponding line number tracking. You will receive information about all the movements of your shipment.
In some cases, foreign senders can not tell the tracking number, that is, not international postage, but only the receipt number that was assigned at the time of sending. In this case, go to the website of the postal service through which the parcel was sent and enter the ID number of the receipt. This number will be relevant during the whole time of movement of the parcel within the sender's country. At customs your package will be assigned to a new international number – tracking. After receiving it, use one of the international tracking sites for further tracking of your shipment.