Advice 1: How to track international parcels

The possibility to order products by mail or through online shopping creates a lot of amenities for the buyer. However, ordering and paying for the right thing via the Internet, often have very long to wait for your package, which goes by regular mail. This is especially true for international shipments that have to cross multiple borders and through customs. In this situation it is very important to be able to track your parcel at each stage of its movement.
How to track international parcels
Fortunately, almost all email services now have their services online, so check the location of your package simply. The main thing that you need – unique identification number of the postage or, as it is often called tracking (from the English. tracking).
Received from the postal service the tracking of your parcel, first find the website of the postal service of the country where you made the order. For example, if your premise is from the United States, use the official website of the state of the U.S. post – Go to its page and enter the tracking number in the opened window under the words Track & Confirm, then click Find. You will receive information on the movement of your order in the USA. Parcels sent from Germany, you can check through the website of the postal service of this country: and mail UK at
After the parcel crossed the border of the Russian Federation, move it around, the track is already through the website of the Russian postal service Visit the page and enter the number in the window "Mail ID". You will receive information about when the package crossed the border, went through customs and which was sent after it.
Not less convenient to track international packages via international sites tracking. For example, try, use the popular service On the main page, select mail service, through which was sent to your order and enter the corresponding line number tracking. You will receive information about all the movements of your shipment.
In some cases, foreign senders can not tell the tracking number, that is, not international postage, but only the receipt number that was assigned at the time of sending. In this case, go to the website of the postal service through which the parcel was sent and enter the ID number of the receipt. This number will be relevant during the whole time of movement of the parcel within the sender's country. At customs your package will be assigned to a new international number – tracking. After receiving it, use one of the international tracking sites for further tracking of your shipment.

Advice 2: How to track parcel from Germany

To track a package that was exported from Germany to your country, first of all, you need to know international tracking number, which must be assigned a parcel. Company VAT number of the parcel will be on your e-mail immediately after shipment. After a few days you can track your parcel using the tracking number on the website of the state post service of Germany (DHL).
How to track parcel from Germany
Find out the unique code of your parcel. To track postal shipments from Germany there is a website of the state postal service, which notifies the recipient about the shipment via e-mail. Knowing the numbers will help you to track your parcel.
Convert the code package a unique tracking number. To do this, please visit the DHL "Track and Trace". In the active field on the form (single form field) enter the parcel code and click the search button, which is located near the active field. So, if the package has already passed the export operation, then a new window will appear with your trinadcatiletnie code.
Find out on the seat of your parcel via the website of the State service of Germany. In a special form of search of shipments, which consists of two active fields, enter your login details. In the upper field is the unique tracking number at the bottom - the date of departure of the goods in the required format.
Click on the "Finden", which is located right next to the active field, into which you enter data about the date of shipment of your cargo. After the operation in a new dialog box will show information by which you can find out the location of your cargo.
Calculate the date of arrival of the shipment. Use the information obtained after a request on the website of DHL. To the date of export of your parcel in the center of international shipments add 1-3 business days.
Trace the parcel is in your country. This should take no less than seven days after the export. The required information will be available on the website of the national postal service of the country.
In that case, if you request a tracking number on a dedicated resource in the box there was an inscription in German "Sendung in das Ausland", it means that your parcel has not been shipped to the country of destination. Check out the information in a few days.
Useful advice
Please note the tracking number of your parcel. It needs to contain thirteen characters: four letters and numbers. While the last two letters DE constant, and the first two can change. Meanwhile, the most common are RK and RG. The remaining symbols of the nine digits and is distinguished by a tracking number of the parcels.

Advice 3: On sites where you can track the parcel from China

Shopping in China via the Internet is a great opportunity to purchase a variety of goods at relatively low prices. However, fans overseas online shopping sometimes you have months to wait for ordered items, sent by mail or courier service.
Parcels in the warehouse
Shipping from China can reach the Russian recipient for 4-5 weeks, and in some cases to stay for a couple of months. There are cases when the parcel arrives in a week, but often the departure is delayed, forcing the recipient to worry about their safely. If your order is sent as registered mail, at every stage of the shipment ID (tracking number) will be entered into a database, so that the movement of purchase can be tracked via the Internet.

Tracking services packages

With the recent time tracking of an international shipment is possible on a site of Mail of Russia. The service allows you to check for any recorded shipment by EMS, including Chinese. The track-number to track EMS shipments starts with a capital letter E. check the status of the parcel tracking number without spaces is entered in the "Mail ID". Also, the system requires you to enter a verification code confirming that you are not a robot. Then you receive information about where your parcel is.

The national postal service of China is organizing the China Post. On EMS website, a tracking service for parcels sent via China Post. In the box where it says "Please enter tracking number" enter tracking number. In the field "Verification Code" entered the code of six digits that is specified in the top of the page. After entering these data you will receive information about the parcel.

Find out where at the moment your package, on the sites of universal services, allowing you to track packages of all countries. For example, "Deposita" allows you to track mail from USA and China. This service has a mobile version, as well as the ability to inform the receiver about the change of the shipment status via email and SMS messages. To check where your parcel, you only need to enter the tracking number in the appropriate field.

For a more advanced service for tracking parcels — Post-Tracker. But after having registered you will get the capability to automatically detect tracking numbers several times a day. The test results can be obtained on E-Mail and SMS. For tracking in the "Track code" enter your tracking number. Also the site requires a verification code confirming that you are not a robot. After that, you will be given information on the whereabouts of the parcel.

The status of parcels

When the shipment from China is delivered to Russia, it does not mean that after a few days it will be in your post office or the hands of courier. The package will first go to the customs service. When checking the track numbers will appear in the status "Handed over to customs", that means just after customs your order will go to the point of international postal exchange. He then transferred to the sorting center. And later in your post office. This chain can last 1-2 weeks or longer.
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