Advice 1: How to see where my parcel is

New technologies greatly simplify our lives and help us to get the latest information on a variety of issues. One of the latest innovations – service for tracking sent or expected packages. With it, you can get relevant information about the whereabouts of your parcel.
How to see where my parcel is
On the website you will be able to knowwhere is the parcel that was sent by mail of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, China, Hong Kong and the United States, as well as order SMS notifications to track the status of your parcel. If you wish, you will be able to look at the path of your parcel on the map.
For information on the whereabouts of the parcel, enter the 13-digit number post tracking. Press enter to get the answer to the query. On the new page you will get the comprehensive information about the movement of your parcel.
If you wish to receive SMS-notifications about the status change (the arrival at the place of transit, sorting, delivery to the addressee, etc.) of the parcel, you need to register on the website and pay for the service (20 p. for single tracking number) via SMS, Webmoney or Bank cards. After sending the request number, click the button with the envelope icon and activate the SMS notification. With this you will receive messages after each change in the status of the parcel.

Advice 2 : How to find out where my parcel is

The delivery of parcels and packages are not always respected, and we often worry, not lost our mail. Meanwhile, to find where you sent the parcel without much difficulty.
How to find out where my parcel is
The first thing you will need in order to track the path of the parcel or the letter – to find the receipt, which you have given in the mail when receiving mail. It contains mail ID, allowing you to monitor the movement of letters or parcels – the 14-digit number. It can be, for example, 115126(80)16131 5.
On the official website of the Russian post , expand the "Services services" select the tab "Tracking". In order to track your parcel, simply enter in the corresponding field mail ID (without brackets and spaces).
At each stage of the movement of mail identification number is entered in the for all post offices, the system of accounting and control. Therefore, if the identification number is correct and you can see the whole "history" of your parcel and the place where it is now (for example, triage area in the destination city, or post office, and parcels are already delivered to the addressee – receipt date).
If you have any questions related to the delivery of your parcel – you can also call the help Desk FGUP "Mail of Russia" on the phone 8-800-2005-888. The help Desk is available around the clock, and call it from anywhere in Russia is free.
Deposita.<url> - service allows you to track Your package on the mail Russia, Hong Kong, USA, China and other countries. You first need to log on to the site Deposita.<url>. Forgot password? We will help you to remember.
Useful advice
Often ask myself the question - where is my parcel now? If You sign up, You can save tracking numbers and get information about track packages by email, RSS, and in the future, and other methods. Deposita.<url> is a universal service for parcel tracking, which will soon allow you to track all Your parcels.
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