You will need
  • computer;
  • - Internet;
  • phone;
  • - check/documents with mail.
Find all the receipt that you were issued at the post office after sending the parcel to the specified address. In any case, you need to have on hand a document with the identification number of the parcel. It includes 14 digits, the first six of which correspond to your post office. The remaining 8 digits correspond to other domestic and international standards.
Watch through the website of "Mail of Russia" the shipment status of your parcel. Visit this url and scroll down to find the field "Post ID". This feature allows you to get latest info about mail forwarding. There will need to type the 14-digit identification number that you found in check.
Enter the number of the post ID, without spaces, parentheses, or other characters. Check the status of the parcel in the opened window. You can check various data, for example: "Left the sorting center", "Arrived at the place of delivery". If you see the last option, then you don't worry, the parcel is at the post office of the recipient. If the first – wait a little longer.
Analyze the problem of delivery. If you sent a package to Russia, and it is not reached to the specified address, probably she hasn't left the sorting center. Perhaps the operators mistook the post office. It is also often the case. If you send a parcel abroad, could cause problems at customs. In any case, promptly get on the phone with my post office and find out all possible causes.