You will need
  • track code;
  • - Internet;
  • phone.
Get the ID number of your parcel. Another name of track code. Without this information you will not be able to know where your parcel is at the moment. The sender must provide you this number when ordering. If it is online store, log in to your personal account. Most often, the information is displayed there.
Watch the movement of the parcel on the website of the sender. Some companies offer the opportunity to learn the status of you shipment directly on their website. Information is either updated automatically on your personal account, or from time to time need to request yourself.
Use third-party tracking site mail. In this case, note that some of them operate on the basis of a single email. If you do not want every time to look for a suitable site, look for a universal system that tracks the parcel, regardless of supports email. Enter your tracking number in the designated field. You will see information about the whereabouts of the shipment. Typically, this service is free of charge.
Follow the status of your package via sms. This service is offered by most sites, specializing in the tracking of postal operations. Sign up on one of them, enter the track code and your mobile number. Once the status of your package changes, you will receive an sms alert. This is quite a convenient way, if you don't have constant Internet access. However, in most cases this service is paid.
Install the application on your phone. You can at any time to find out where your parcel is. Download from the Internet or from your mobile store tracking program status of parcels. Some of them can be used free of charge, and some will have to pay.