You will need
  • Internet access
Log in to your account "Vkontakte". To do this, type in the address bar of your browser in the opened page, enter your e-mail (or login) and password and click "Login".
To go to the edit page of your higher education, click "Edit" opposite the heading "Education" on the right side of the page or click on "Ed.", located next to "My profile" in the upper left corner and select "Education". Then click "Higher education" located to the right of the active tab "Secondary education".
You can now proceed directly to the choice of their University. To do this, select the country in which you are enrolled, the city where your UNIVERSITY is, the very high school that's training, your status and date of issue. Then click "Save"
If necessary, you can specify on the page more than one higher education institution. To do this, after saving the first University press "Add education" again and repeat all the steps described in the previous paragraph.
After selecting the Universities where you have studied or are studying, go back to your page and make sure that under "Education" there information you added.