The most delicious and juicy beef is cooked by yourself at home. It is much more natural store-bought, nobody will give you a 100 % guarantee that enters into its composition. If you decided to make mixed mincemeat of two or more kinds of meat, do not forget about the compatibility of the products. For example, the Turkey meat will be bad to combine with chicken. And pork in perfect harmony with the beef. Because of the mismatched ingredients and the wrong proportions and the result is sometimes dry stuffing. So follow the exact instructions of your prescription.
If chicken stuffing turned out a little dry, add an egg and a little sour cream. Mix well and remove for 10-15 minutes in the refrigerator.
The minced beef will be more juicy if you add a little beef broth. This is the method used in the preparation of hamburgers.
To the minced meat turned out light and fluffy, add the separated from the protein and egg yolk and whisk well. This method is particularly suitable in the preparation of fish minceand minceand veal.
To the meat become more juicy, put it in a bag, securely and repel on the table within 5-7 minutes. The meat will be juicy and reduce the amount of air that will make it more elastic and supple.