Advertise the services of his Atelier through Newspapers, radio and other available media. It is possible to create flyers with a detailed description of the benefits of your Studio.
Collaborate with shops selling fabrics and sewing accessories. You can put their inspectors orders in such shops.
Make a bright, attractive business cards to his Studio, leave them in the clothing stores. For example, the store specializing in the sale of trousers, ask the sellers to use the following speech engine: "In this Studio, a team of masters-professionals to quickly and accurately assist you in podlivu trousers, and will also help to solve other problems, making and repairing clothes".
Open a shop of designer clothing, which will be called the same as the Studio, for example, the name of the hostess. Such a move would allow tailoring not only the order, but in the window of the cabin, preventing a simple staff.
Create a site of his Atelier on the Internet. You can tell in detail about the services, to provide information about running wizards that you put pictures of the finished product. Don't forget to include address and phone numbers of your Studio.
Make an online store their sewing products. Imagine the catalog of goods with detailed descriptions and the ability to order with delivery on house. To attract customers you can install a system of discounts.
Offer their services to any firm or Corporation making clothes for the staff in a single corporate style. For example, for employees of chain stores or pharmacies that have a single application form.
Make various discounts on the cost of the services of his Studio, for example: depending on the season, on a particular type of clothing.