You will need
  • pen blue or black
The signature should be left on the flyleaf. There are various spellings of the accompanying text. The signature can be positioned "in line" and "angle". The contents of the inscriptions at the discretion of the author can be absolutely free. Their volume is also not amenable to the strict canons.
Usually the book sign on the following principle: to whom, by whom, for what reason, date (subject to the personal wishes). Try to keep your inscription look aesthetically pleasing, it has been beautifully designed, legible and neat.
If you give the trading book, sign them, of course, not worth it. But if your gift is a book whose main character is somewhat similar to the hero of the occasion, or you want to give this gift with the secret intent of their actions to comment on, leaving the front a few succinct lines.
Explain why you chose this book, write what you seen similarities between the characters and the addressee of a gift, give your opinion: good or bad. So the memory will remain not just a gift that matches the occasion a set of beautiful words, but also your personal thoughts, in a form and left on the paper.
Below your signature are preserved "forever" it is not necessary to do it with a pencil. Use stylus or pen. Leaving the inscription should wait a bit before you close the book. Otherwise, ink may blur. Do not also put her signature in colored ink (green or red paste), or the person. Received your gift, it might appear as if you picked what first came to hand. In this case, the best option is the use blue or black ink.