Advice 1: How to record conversation with mobile phone

It happens that during a call on a mobile phone, you report this information, which would be nice to record. But here's the problem – no paper, no pen is not at hand. You can certainly rely on your memory. But if information is too complicated to remember? How to be? Use the recording function of conversation.
How to record conversation with mobile phone
You will need
  • Cell phone or smart phone that supports installation of additional applications along with the free space on the memory card;
  • app voice recorder for mobile phone;
  • external recorder (computer, tape recorder, etc.).
For starters check to see if already on your phone voice recorder along with the factory settings. To do this during a call to view all available for the execution of the function. Perhaps you will find the option "Enable recorder". Then you just need to activate this menu item, and then the entire conversation will be recorded to the phone memory. These recording you will easily be able to listen to or to throw on the computer.
If no recorder on your mobile, you can install it yourself. To do this, connect your phone to the computer via cable, IK-port or Bluetooth. Perhaps, you will have to install the drivers. Then copy the voice recorder app in the phone memory. After that, really mobile install the copied application. In the settings of the recorder might be such a function as "start recording automatically". Then you don't need to do it manually. The majority of these applications when you start recording, make a distinctive squeak. But if you search, you can find and suppress the squeak of tape.
If your phone does not support installation of additional apps or you for some other reason can't install a recorder on the mobile, you can record sound on another device, e.g. computer, player, etc. To do this while talking turn on speakerphone and zoom in to the speaker phone recording device. The recording quality is, of course, be quite low, but the conversation can still be understood.

Advice 2 : How to record phone conversation on tape

It happens that in a telephone conversation , one person dictates to another information to be written. Often the speed of dictation is that you write the text with a pen or on a keyboard is difficult. Comes to the aid of the recorder. Made it the record can be played repeatedly and slowly type on the keyboard.
How to record phone conversation on tape
Before recording a telephone conversation on the voice recorder, be sure to inform the interviewee and obtain his permission.
Talking on a cell phone to an external recorder is better not to write. Interference from the transmitter will be audible in the recording louder voice of the subscriber. Use the built-in camera with voice recorder function - it is available in most modern models.To do this, during a call, go to phone menu find the appropriate item and turn on the recording mode. At the end of the dictation the source of the required text, stop recording.
If the function of the voice recorder in cell phone there, and the record need to, you can use this technique: turn the phone on speakerphone, and an external recorder placed at a distance of about five feet from the phone. The recording quality will be low, but in most cases it is possible to disassemble separate words.You can also use the radio with built-in microphone, a computer to which a microphone is connected, or even other cell phone, in which the function of the recorder is.
Using a wired phone or a DECT device to record a conversation on an external recorder you can, bringing it close to the speaker phone. The recording level, if it can be adjusted manually, it should be set so that the amplifying path of the recording apparatus is not overfilled (which can be determined by the readings of the indicator when available).
Much better quality recording than the built-in or even an external microphone will give device called a phone adapter. It is a coil with thousands of turns of fine wire wound on a ferrite core. If the phone device has a matching transformer adapter tray to him, but if not (true for most modern devices) - it directly to the speaker tube. Connect it to the input of the recorder, designed for dynamic microphone. If the recorder only has input for an electret microphone, you will need a microphone amplifier. To collect it you can, for example, according to this scheme: telephone adapter can be purchased in a shop that sells hearing AIDS.
Phone model VEF TA-32M has a linear output. To record a conversation on this phone, simply connect the recorder to this output.
Before using the recording in any way, you must again obtain the consent of the interlocutor.

Advice 3 : How to record telephone conversation on computer

Sometimes there is a need to record telephone conversations. Modern technology allows you to record conversations with the help of improvised means. Always remember that you are required by law to warn all parties to a telephone conversation about his record.
How to record telephone conversation on computer
You will need
  • - 2 telephone cable;
  • modem;
  • - Y-shaped adapter.
If you want to record a conversation on a mobile phone, you will need to install a program to record conversations. It is important to understand that to install a program you will only be able to a smartphone or a Communicator, i.e. a phone with ability to install different applications.
Configure program to record on demand or for a permanent record of the negotiations.
Make a call, and the program will save it automatically. A file entry is saved in the phone memory or on a flash card. The recorded file you can copy to a computer and listen to the audio player.
To record telephone conversations on the landline you need to know whether it is installed in the computer to the modem. In older computers or laptops, they are usually available. A clear sign of the presence of the modem is plug matching plug of the telephone cable that on one side of the laptop or on the back of the system unit of a computer.
Buy the modem, if its in the computer. Currently, the modem is quite rare; however, radio and Internet auctions you can find such equipment. For an average computer to fit an internal modem is a PCI or universal USB. Laptop only with USB interface.
Connect the modem to the computer. It is recommended to turn off the computer before connecting the modem.
Install the modem driver. Usually the driver comes on a disc with your modem. If you drive there, the driver can be found on the website of the modem manufacturer.
Set the program to record telephone conversations.
Plug the modem in parallel, the landline. Some modems or phones have two connections for phone cables – they are made especially for parallel connection of the phone. If the two connectors, you can purchase a Y-shaped adapter to connect phone and modem to the telephone line.
Configure the modem and software. Typically, default settings is enough to record a telephone conversation.
Make a note of the conversation. A file with the recording is saved on the hard disk of the computer. Listen to the recording you can also use the audio player.
SpRecord system performing the recording of telephone conversations on the computer or device program to record telephone conversations, it is possible to automatically record telephone lines. Auto attendant, automatic call-up. Registration and multi-channel recording phone calls on computer – the main purpose of SpRecord system.
Useful advice
Listen to the recording directly in the browser or download it to your computer. The use of the phone records allows to improve the quality of customer service, maintain a database of phone orders, conduct monitoring and evaluation of work of employees, to prevent conflicts and to prevent the leakage of commercial information. Service "recording on computer" successfully works in different areas of the business.

Advice 4 : How to record your conversations on your cell

You can't always hope that the telephone conversation will remain in your memory, especially during critical situations. Thus, you can start recording all your important conversations on the cell phone and save them for future use. Many modern mobile phones allow you to record incoming calls and save as an audio file on the phone. If you do not have this feature, there are several reliable ways to record conversations.
How to record your conversations on your cell
You will need
  • - Mobile phone call recording;
  • device for recording phone calls;
  • - a tape recorder.
Answer the incoming call. Most cell phones do not allow you to begin recording the conversation before making the call. If your phone supports the recording function, click "Preferences" or "Settings" and then "Record." You will see how special the timer counts down showing the time of recording of the conversation. On some mobile phones it is limited, so try to keep within the requisite period.
Notifies the other party that the conversation is being recorded before recording any information. According to the laws of many States recording a conversation without the knowledge of the source is prohibited, you must obtain dual consent. If you plan to use this entry for trial of any type, without the consent of the other party you can also go to court. Sometimes it requires the consent of only one hand, therefore please check your local laws.
Complete the challenge. At the end of the call, the recording also stops. You can also stop recording to end the call, press "Options" and then "Stop". Set the sound file to the desired name, and save it on the phone.
Purchase a device to record telephone conversations and voice recorder, if your cell phone is not equipped with this feature.
Connect the recording device to the recorder, and then place the earphone in your ear. You can also connect your device to record telephone conversations to your computer and save the recording on the hard disk.
Take the challenge to the mobile phone (the headset must be in the ear) and press the "Record" button on the recorder. Device to record telephone conversations will record it both sides on a cassette tape.
Useful advice
Remember that many of the phone listening devices is prohibited by law. Get permission from local law enforcement before you begin recording.

Advice 5 : How to understand that the phone is tapped

In Russia, wiretapping citizens are only entitled to special services, and then only by court order. However, the ability to do any human with a special spyware. It is usually resorted competitors or jealous spouses.
How to understand that the phone is tapped


How does the spy software for wiretapping

The spy software must be installed on the phone of the person talking which you want to listen to. It is able to not only record phone calls and intercept text messages and then send them to the desired destination. Some programs are able to copy contacts, send information about the location of the phone and give the opportunity to hear everything that happens around him, even when you do not speak for him. Spyware turns your phone into a kind of "bug".

How to understand whether the phone spy program

Typically, such programs do not manifest themselves They are difficult to spot, but there are certain signs that will help indicate their presence.


The battery of the phone too, quickly loses its charge – one of the surest signs that it contains spyware. If the battery is always hot, it is also a bad sign. Of course, the problem may lie in the device itself, especially if it is more than a year. However, to check your phone for spyware in this case can not hurt.

"Miracles" in the phone

You should alert off delay device sudden reboot and spontaneous switching light it.


If your phone is lying in the immediate vicinity of the speaker, creates a disturbance, when you do not speak for him, is thoughtful. This may mean that the spyware got in touch with another phone to transmit data.

The sound in the tube

When tapping the phone during a call you can clearly hear in the receiver a variety of noises, sounds, and sometimes other people's voices. This is a sure sign that it is a special program.

Long connection

If you noticed that when you call someone, the connection is very long, and similarly, the separation began to take a longer time, it is also a sign of wiretapping. A similar hang is because the program needs time to "break" in conversations.

If you find at least one of the above signs, please show your phone to a specialist.

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