The choice of a spear gun is primarily determined by the conditions in which you intend to hunt. Do not purchase a complete universal kit that will come in handy for all occasions, limit the choice of equipment required for the hunting conditions. If you're just going to dive and hunt while relaxing on the resort beaches, then you can buy a simple marine rubber underwater gun. Length 75-90 cm will be optimal for such case.
Air rifles come in two variants – adjustable power battle without it. The power of fight depends on the length of the gun, maximum working pressure can reach 30 kg/sq. cm Anatomical handle shotguns should have a pistol location, this will reduce impact and toss the barrel, these rifles are distinguished by good accuracy of the battle. The advantages of underwater airguns are such additions as positive or neutral buoyancy, easy operation. Ask the sales assistant about the availability of service centers where you can repair or replace end-of-life detail.
Crossbows on the rubber rod are characterized by simplicity and high reliability of the design. There are many modifications of these rifles, which differ in the number of rods and harpoons. Force of battle regulated power vacuum rubber mounted on the gun, and notches, for which the pull is attached. Choosing the underwater gun of this type, ask about the possibility of replacing spare rubber rods and harpoons.