You will need
  • - moped;
  • - speakers
  • amplifier;
  • - two-core wire for power supply;
  • - switch off;
  • player or mobile phone as a sound source;
  • - otoacoustic 27 amps and 9 amp hours.
Consider and collect, rear or side cases to the bike. The cases are manufactured from plywood. Inside the case, plan and fabricate the necessary mounts for all components of the music system. Speakers embed in the body of the case so that the sound with the installation of the coffer was the direction of the rider.
To facilitate in the Assembly of the enclosure do not install one of his panels – the one in which you punch speakers. This panel secure after completing all connections and tests.
The on-Board electrical system of a moped going to put the battery or install it instead of regular motorcycle battery. From the battery, route the leads for connection of the amplifier.
Install the speakers in the panel box. When installing multiple speakers, one of them put it on the steering column to get the stereo sound. The wires from the speaker output to the amp and plug in the correct orientation. The splices tape.
Cable connect the music source you take from the old headphones with the appropriate connector. Print it in a handy place so that you can connect your player or phone without distraction from management.
The power plug to the ignition switch or directly to the battery. The negative wire from the amplifier output to the frame, and secure, pre-cleaning the connection. The positive lead will connect through the switch off. The toggle switch install on the body of the carrying case in a convenient location.
Make the warning device, reminding you to disable the music system. To do this, take the led or any indicator from the other moped and scooters. Connect it to the switch so that the indicator is constantly light up when music is on. The indicator clip on the outside of the housing case so that it was visible.
Carefully insulate all wire connections, connect the music and you can check its performance. Then install the case to the desired location and fasten securely. To improve the appearance of the trunk, upholster it with leather, fit an fabric or color.