If you need to remove all unnecessary emails from your Inbox, which you previously were too lazy to follow, and now it's crowded, you have to spend a lot of time. Delete old unnecessary emails it is better to make in each folder. The procedure is not complicated but quite time consuming. With due diligence available to any user without recourse to the administration or service support. To do this, go to your Inbox and select the Inbox folder.
In this folder it is necessary to tick off all the letters that you want to get rid of. Then click on the "Delete" button. If you have not cleaned your mail, it will take a lot of time and effort to maintain the desired letter. Such a procedure should make all folders of your mailbox. But that's not all.
Deleting emails are not erased, but moved to the Trash folder. That would be to clear your Inbox, you need to enter the folder "Trash" (in some mail systems, the folder may be called "Deleted") and in this folder click on "empty trash".
Some email services duplicate all incoming and outgoing mail, folding it in a separate folder. For example, in Gmail the folder called "All mail". Don't forget to open this folder and clear the letter and in her.