At Yandex.Mail remove mail in several ways. The first method suggests that you delete only the mailbox, while all other services will still be available to you. Log on to your mailbox using your username and password. Click on the line link configure. It is located in the upper right corner of the page directly under the address of your mailbox.
Another option: tap on the link "Configure", located just below the list of all available folders in the left side of the page. You will be on the page at the top of which will be reflected way: Mail –> settings–>Folders and tags. Climb up one level to page "settings".
On the setup page look at the bottom of the inscription "If necessary, you can delete your Inbox" and click in the sentence in the word-the "delete" link. You will be taken to the "Removing service Mail". Enter your password and click on the "Delete"button.
Another way is suitable if you want to delete your account on Yandex. Start your browser and log in to the system Yandex. Clicking on your user name at the top of the page, in the drop-down menu, select "Passport". You will be redirected to the page "Personal information".
A list of available actions located in the right side of the page. Look at the end of the list the inscription-the link "Delete account" in red, and click on it. You will be taken to the page "Delete account on Yandex". Scroll down the page and enter your password, and then click on the "Delete account".
To remove mail from the Mail service should use the special interface. Log in Mail and go to "Help" (link at the bottom of the page). Select from the list-the link "How to remove a mailbox that I no longer need?"
On the opened page click on "special interface" in the sentence "in order to remove the drawer, use the special interface." Specify (optionally) the reason for the removal of the mailbox in the first free field in second field (optional) enter your password and click on the "Delete"button.