Removing your e-mail box on Yandex, you can block not only account but also other services search engines: Yandex.Narod, Yandex.Money, etc. Before you can remove your e-mail, you must first log in search. To do this, go to your profile using your username and password.
On the opened page you will see the "Find" button (located in the top right). A little to the right and slightly below the button "Exit" is barely noticeable inscription gray - configure. Hover over it and click.
After the appearance of the bottom left "Settings Yandex.Passport" you will see three links, among which will be "Delete mailbox". When you click on it you will find yourself on a page with a form to delete a mailbox in Yandex.Passport. Here retype the password and click on the button "Delete". Then click your mail on Yandex will be removed and will no longer be able to function.
If you have registered your email for scheme his removal will be a little different. Log in to the portal search system by entering your username and password. Enter the name of a deleted mailbox, then select the relevant domain from the system list:, etc. In the appropriate field, enter the password and press the "Delete" button. If the password is correct, remove the box free from content, and access to it will be closed. The name of this email will once again be free not earlier than 3 months after account deletion.
Those who got the e-mail on Rambler, you can offer 2 ways of removing it:- enter the username and password on the page and click "Delete name";
close or delete a mailbox on by sending the username and password from him for the address
If you have a box but you do not need it you can just close. To do this, select "Settings" in the top of the page navigate to the tab "Accounts". In the "Google account Settings" click "Edit" (located to the right of the title "My life"). Select "Delete Gmail service" and the mailbox no longer exists. It is important to remember that when you delete an account on @gmail, re-activate and access your emails no longer work.