To remove a mail box on yandex. Log in to your account in the top right corner, click "Settings". In the bottom of the page there is a line: "If necessary, you can delete your Inbox, marked with a yellow exclamation mark. The word "delete" is highlighted in blue, click on it. You should redirect to another page that says "Remove service "Mail". In the empty field, enter the password from your email box and then click "Uninstall". On the page with your personal data find the words of red: "Delete account". Follow the link, enter the password again and click "Delete account". All your account no longer exists.
Delete mail box on rambler.Log into your email. In the top row on the right, hover over the name of your mail box. Select the phrase "my account". You hit the "Rambler ID. In the lower block click on the last words "Delete account". Next, enter the code shown in the picture and enter your password. Click on the "Delete account". Rambler sorry that you deleted your page.
Delete mail box on Gmail.Go to the page of your email. Hover over the name of the email, click "account Settings". Top right is a link "Settings". Click "Google account Settings". On the left, find the words "My products – Edit". Follow the link by clicking on "edit". Then in the "Delete account" and select "Close account and delete all services and information associated with it". If you have financial debt to pay for them. Check the boxes before each line. Enter the password and click the button "Delete Google account". Your Inbox (and all pages associated with it) is deleted.
Delete mail box to mail.To delete mail on go to your page. The bottom of the page click on the blue lettering "support". In the "Common reasons", go to "How can I delete Inbox". On the new page part of the sentence highlighted in blue: "special interface". Under the heading "Delete mail box" you will see a list of pages on your account, which are removed along with the email. In the appropriate field, enter the reason for removal. Enter below the password box and hit Delete. The box on deleted.