First go to the website, and then log in under your username and password. After login, visit the "Settings" section. There click on the "Delete account". You can do another thing: immediately after you enter in the address bar of your browser the link It is worth noting that this e-mail is supported by all popular browsers: Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrom. However, authorization from the mobile device you will need to support WAP.
There is another method of removal, universal for all mailboxes registered in the ru domain. Go to Inbox and click on the appropriate menu. In the box entitled "username" enter the email address from which you want to get rid of. Next, enter the correct domain from the drop-down list. The next step is to write the password. You will then be able to click on the "Delete" button. With the right password box immediately freed from content, and access to it blocked. The name that was registered, will be released only 3 months after completion of this procedure.
If after some time you will want to restore access to the remote mailbox, send a request to customer support. However, keep in mind that to return the contents of the box (that is, all sent and received emails) you can not. It happens that for not using mail for three months, the administration blocks it. Recovery log on to the website, enter the details and follow the instructions. And one more thing: change the name of the box is impossible. In this case, delete the account and create a new one with whatever name suits you.